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Non-Return / Check Valve for Airlines

"Back-siphoning" from your reservoir through your airstone and airline can ruin your air-pump. Stop it happening by placing your air pump above the highest sytem waterline and by fitting one of our non-return / check valves. Easy!

How the Non-return / Check Valve for Airlines Works:

The non-return / Check valve for Airlines is a one-way valve which allows air to pass from the air pump through to your airstone but prevents air or reservoir water to pass back in the other direction. This is achieved with an internal mouth that opens when air is pushed in one direction but is pushed shut if air/water tries to pass in the opposite direction. In this way, the Non-return / Check valve prevents "back-siphoning" of water from your reservoir and into your air pump where it will almost certainly cause damage. The greatest risk of this is when the air pump is not running. Air pumps can be accidentally switched off and power outages do happen, so fit one in every airline for complete peace of mind.


  • Small and easy to fit
  • Only allows flow of air in one direction
  • Fits straight onto standard PVC or Silicon Airline Tubing
  • Excellent value-for-money
  • Can save your airpump from being irrepairably damaged

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