Autopot XL 1-Pot System

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  • Extra large 25 litre Autopot System to grow larger plants
  • Automated via the tried and trusted Smart Valve (Aqua Valve)
  • A great way to cultivate fast-growing, vigorous plants
  • Many Autopot XL Systems can be used together to cover a larger space
  • Simple, reliable and excellent value-for-money
  • Perfect for new growers and experienced growers alike
  • Different Header Tank options are available separately

Let Gravity Do the Hard Work with the Autopot XL System

The AutoPot XL is a fully automated, low maintenance, gravity driven watering system that's the same as a standard AutoPot. Just like the standard Autopot it uses an Smart valve, rather than pumps & timers to gravity feed your plants, the only difference is the Autopot XL uses a 25 litre pots instead of 15 litres to grow a much bigger plant with a much bigger yield.


Please note: Autopot systems no longer ship with separate root control and marix discs. A single dual-purpose, double-sided disc is now placed metallic side up in the Autopot container.


How the Autopot XL System Works

The Autopot XL System is a single plant-growing module that only requires the addition of a Header Tank for a reliable, completely automatic plant-watering system. Plants grow in a square to round 25 Litre pot which sits in purpose made Tray. Nutrient solution is provided by gravity-feed from a Header Tank via 6mm Flexi-pipe. The Flexi-pipe is connected into the Smart Valve (Aqua Valve) which sits in the Autopot Tray.

The Smart Valve controls the watering system. When the system is set up, the Smart Valve automatically opens and fills the bottom of the tray with nutrient to a shallow depth of 20mm and then switches off the flow from the Header Tank. The nutrient solution in the Autopot Tray then waters the pot from the bottom as the substrate in the pot wicks the solution up.

The Smart Valve remains completely shut until all of the nutrient solution in the bottom of the Autopot tray has been used up. When the bottom of the tray is dry the Smart Valve opens and again allows the Tray to be filled with 20mm of nutrient solution from the Header Tank. The Smart Valve operates as and when necessary, increasing the frequency of the watering as the plants grows larger and thirstier.

A Marix Disc at the bottom of the 25 Litre pot prevents soil or substrate from falling out of the bottom of the pot while a copper disc in the bottom of the Autopot Tray prevents roots from growing out of the bottom of the 25 Litre pot and blocking the Smart Valve outlet.

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1 x 25 litre Autpot XL pot
1 x Autopot XL tray
1 x Smart Valve

32.5 cm x 32.5cm x 37cm

How to Use the Autopot XL System

You will need a Header Tank (sold separately) on a stand to use the Autopot XL System. Place the tray containing the Smart Valve in the correct location of your grow-space. A root control disc is then placed at the bottom of the Autopot container with the metallic side facing up. It is important that a substrate with high moisture retention is used (such as soil or coco) so that wick-action can moisten the substrate from the bottom up. Drier substrates such as clay pebbles are not suitable for this type of system.

Fill the Header Tank with water and make up your nutrient solution according to your feeding schedule. Place your plant into the substrate in the pot and connect the 6mm Flexi-pipe from your Header Tank to the input of the Smart Valve and shut the cover. The Smart Valve will now deliver the first feeding to the bottom of the tray under the pot. Although this is an excellent system, it may be necessary to water your plant from the top for the first week or two until the root-system is established.

Autopot Top Tip: If transplanting seedling’s or cuttings into your Autopot system that don't have an established root system we recommend either waiting until a sufficient root system is present, or top watering (just enough to moisten growing media) the Autopot for the first few days while the seedlings or cutting becomes established.

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