Multi Pot Mega Pot System (4 x 16 Litre)


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A Low-Maintenance System that Offers incredibly Easy Setup with Fantastic Growth Rates!

A 4 pot 16 litre gravity fed system made for growers who like shorter plant cycle lengths.The Multi-Pot is an easy to use gravity fed system that uses just 1 valve to feed 4 plants.

How the Multi Pot Mega Pot System Works

Why go to the trouble of hand-watering when you can let the MegaPot System take care of it for you? The team at Megapot, who created the Multi Pot Mega Pot System, have noted the criticisms of other gravity-fed systems and developed a low-maintenance set-up that ticks all of the boxes. It provides the simplicity and ease of use of an Autopot or GoGro, combined with the growth rates and programmability of more complex systems, like the IWS Flood & Drain.

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  • Very easy to setup, just one float valve
  • Perfect layout for 4 x 16 Litre fabric pots
  • Pots are only raised 10mm off the ground for maximum headroom
  • Can be made modular for larger spaces
  • Can also be used with air curtains
  • Ideal for growing in soil, coco or mixes like 60/40 (clay pebbles and coco)

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