AutoPot 4mm (6mm External) Irrigation Fittings


Fitting: 4mm Inline Tap
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AutoPot - Irrigation Fittings to Suit 4mm (6mm External) Pipe

AutoPot 4mm fittings are precision engineered to ensure your system is running reliably for a long time. You can either use these fittings as replacements for broken or damaged fittings, or to expand or create bespoke 4mm dripper feeds 4mm (6mm external diameter) pipe.

How the AutoPot - Irrigation fittings Work

4mm Golf Filter

Sits inside the 47 litre reservoir tank. Filters out bits of debris before they make their way through the system, preventing blockages.

4mm Outlet to Male Click-fit Hose Connector

A converter that fits onto the end of AutoPot 6mm Flexi-pipe and converts it to a standard Male hose-pipe Click-fit Connector to allows you to use it with standard click-fit hose-pipe outlet.

4mm Inline Tap

Allows Flow Control and easy shutting off for your nutrient supply system.

4mm Cross Connector

The Cross Connector allows 2 x 4mm flexi-pipes to be taken off from a 4mm wide feed-pipe.

4mm Flexi-Pipe End Stop

A watertight End Stop for closing off a cut end of AutoPot 4mm Flexi-Pipe and making it watertight. Ideal for temporarily sealing off an unused AutoPot supply pipe.

4mm Tee Piece

The 4mm tee piece allows you to split the flow of liquid from a length of pipe in two separate directions, and at right angles.

4mm Barbed Straight Connector

A watertight Straight Connector for joining two 4mm Flexi-pipe ends. Ideal for creating a 4mm flexi-pipe extension run.

4mm Top Hat Grommet

The Top Hat Grommet helps to create a water-tight seal around the outlet point of the 47 litre Green Header Tank that comes as standard with many AutoPot systems.

13mm Quick Clip Hose Connector to 4mm Outlet

Connects to 13mm internal (16mm external) pipe work, converting your pipe work down to AutoPot 4mm (6mm external) pipe work. 


Your choice of:

1 x 4mm Outlet to Male Click-fit Hose Connector
1 x 4mm Inline Tap
1 x 4mm Cross Connector
1 x 4mm Flexi-Pipe End Stop
1 x 4mm Tee Piece
1 x 4mm Barbed Straight Connector
1 x 4mm Top Hat Grommet
1 x 13mm to 4mm Click Fit Connector
1 x 13mm Quick Clip Hose Connector to 6mm Outlet


  • 4mm fittings for use with Autopot systems
  • A direct replacement for parts provided with Autopot systems
  • High quality, precision engineered plastic mouldings
  • Can be used to create bespoke dripper set-ups

How To Use

4mm Autopot fittings easily attach to 4mm (6mm external) flexi-pipe. Simply push them onto the barbed ends of the fittings, creating a secure seal. As with fitting any barbed fittings to flexi-pipe, if you have any difficulty, allowing the pipe to soften in a glass of hot water for a short period will make attaching it to fittings even easier.

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