AutoPot – 13mm (16mm External) Blue Flexi-Pipe (Sold by the Metre)


Sale price£1.99

AutoPot Flexi-Pipe 13mm (Internal), 16mm (External)

13mm Blue Flexi-pipe for use with Autopot Systems. Extend or expand your system quickly and easily with extra Flexi-pipe.

How AutoPot Flexi-Pipe Works

The AutoPot 13mm Blue Flexi-pipe transfers nutrient solution from an AutoPot Header Tank to the AutoPots themselves via filters, tee-pieces, elbow-pieces and cross connectors. The Flexi-pipe is tough, durable and flexible. It is easy to cut and the blue colour ensures algae cannot grow inside the piping. The AutoPot 13mm Flexi-pipe is cut by the metre to your requirements.


  • 9mm Blue Flexi-Pipe for use with AutoPot Systems
  • Cut to your requirements by the metre
  • Lightproof to prevent algal growth
  • Tough, flexible and easy to use

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