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Part: Standard Tray (for use with 10 & 16 litre pots)
Sale price£10.99

Some of the Toughest and Most Durable Trays in the Industry

Here you’ll find the individual parts required to add a new tray to your EasyFeed System, or to replace lost or damaged parts. EasyFeed Trays are built from super-durable, crack resistant components, massively reducing the likelihood of encountering any issues.

How EasyFeed Trays Work

Each fabric pot in the Easy Feed system is housed in a tray that’s equipped with a float valve. The float valve will only ever allow nutrients to flow into the tray to a user-defined height level, at which point the valve closes off and the water flow stops. Because the height of the float valve is adjustable, you can feed different sized plants at the same time in the same system – all you need to do is set lower height levels for smaller plants and higher ones for plants that are likely to use up more nutrient solution. This allows you to fine-tune your indoor garden to your exact requirements.

It should be noted that these float valves work differently to those found with Autopot and GoGro systems. They’re designed to be used in conjunction with the EasyFeed Water Timer, which schedules feed times according to user-defined settings. The float valve then ensures that trays are filled to the right level.

Tray Sizes

Standard (suits 10 & 16 litre pots): 38cm x 26.5cm x 9cm
XL (suits 22 & 30 litre pots): 44cm x 32.5cm x 10cm



Choose from the following options:

Small Tray
Choose this size of tray if you are running an EasyFeed System with 10 litre or 16 litre containers.

XL Tray
Select the XL version if you are running an EasyFeed System with 22 litre or 30 litre containers.

Float Valve
Can be used to replace a broken or damaged float valve, or to add another pot to the system.

This lid is compatible with both sizes of EasyFeed Tray.


  • Manufactured from strong, crack-resistant plastic
  • Tougher than the trays found with similar systems
  • Used to house your EasyFeed Fabric Pots
  • Choose from the full selection of tray components
  • Can be connected to your system using EasyFeed Pipe and Irrigation Fittings

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