EasyFeed Irrigation Fittings


Fitting: 13mm Tee Piece
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EasyFeed Irrigation Fittings

Please Note - We'd always recomend using Hose Clips to make sure you've a water tight seal around your pipe/fittings to prevent any leaks.

These fittings are generally used with EasyFeed Grow Systems and pipe, though they are compatible with any pipework with a 13mm internal diameter.

How EasyFeed Irrigation Fittings Work

These irrigation fittings can be used to add extra pots to your EasyFeed System, or replace lost or damaged parts.
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13mm Tee Piece
13mm Elbow
13mm Cross Connector
13mm Threaded Barb (Hose Tail)
13mm Inline Filter (for 60, 100, 250 & 500 litre EasyFeed Tanks)
Inline Pro Filter (for the 750 litre EasyFeed Tank)


  • Moulded from tough plastic
  • Compatible with the EasyFeed automatic watering system
  • Can be used to customise the layout of your system
  • Fits 13mm (internal) / 16mm (external) pipework

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