Extraction Kits

Plants continuously consume the CO2 in the air around them. Once the CO2 level gets too low, they stop growing. Also, plants release moisture into the air which can raise the humidity to levels that can inhibit growth and can encourage mould. Every indoor grower needs an extraction kit to remove stale, CO2 depleted and damp air from their grow space to keep their plants growing optimally and without rot getting in. Our hydroponics extraction kits include robust fans and either CarboAir or Rhino carbon filters (indisputably the best in the world) to reliably remove smells and odours from the extracted air while refreshing the air in the grow space. Our kits include all the ducting and fittings you'll need for easy installation.

All our extraction kits include either a rhino or CarboAir carbon filter. These 2 top brands use the best carbon in the world which makes them the best filters in the world. Their unique reliability gives you, the grower, the peace of mind that you need. For more information about which kit is best for you, please see our guide: Choosing an Extraction System