Vortex MDF Acoustic Box Fan Kit

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Size: 10 Inch - 2500 m3/h
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Acoustic Box Fan Kits — Still the Top Choice for Many Large-Scale Growers

Box fans have proved themselves over decades of use in the hydroponics industry, which is why they're still extremely popular, especially with growers operating at larger scales. That's because box fans are solid and dependable, and they get the job done. There are other, more efficient options out there that are more economical, but a lot of folks are still very attached to the classic box fan, and won't use anything else.

What's in Our Box Fan Kit?

We've teamed these Vortex MDF box fans up with the equipment needed to get the best out of them. You get the fan, a Mammoth carbon filter, a five-metre length of black combi ducting and some duct clips to connect everything up.

Mammoth carbon filters are filled with high-grade RC 48 activated carbon — the best source of carbon on the planet. They will completely destroy smells, ensuring that extracted air is 100% odour-free. These filters are built with tough, refined aluminium casings, and they offer a nice balance between cost-effectiveness and quality. Expect to get around two years out of it before you need a replacement.

The supplied combi ducting is much tougher than regular aluminium flexi ducting, which is more prone to tearing. Combi ducting is much more resistant to tears, which helps to maintain the efficiency of your extraction system.


Choose your size using the dropdown menu.

All kits come with:

  • Vortex MDF box fan
  • Mammoth carbon filter (matched size)
  • 5m length of black combi ducting
  • 3 x duct clips


  • Acoustic box fans — a firm favourite among commercial growers
  • Delivers very high airflow rates
  • Built with a noise reducing MDF casing - nice and quiet
  • Available in 10-inch and 12-inch sizes
  • Paired up with a top-quality Mammoth filter — completely destroys smells
  • 50mm bed depth with high-grade RC48 carbon (and two-year life span)
  • Includes five metres of tear-resistant, black combi ducting
  • Three duct clips included to connect everything up

How To Use

How to Use Acoustic Box Fans

The carbon filter needs to be connected to the inlet spigot. That way, the air that moves through the fan is treated to remove odours before it leaves the grow space.

You'll need to cut a small piece of ducting off the supplied 5m length. Use this short length to connect the filter to the fan using two of the supplied duct clips.

Connect the rest of your ducting to the outlet spigot of the fan and run the ducting to an outside point.

Make sure that you hang the system at the top of your grow area (to remove hot air) and make sure that the ducting leads to an outside point. Keep ducting runs as short as possible, as every extra metre of ducting reduces efficiency levels. Try not to include sharp bends in the layout of your ducting or you will impede the system's effectiveness.

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