Mammoth TT Extraction Kit with Lite Filter


Size: 4"
Sale price£69.99

Mammoth TT & Lite Filter Kits Come in at Jaw-Dropping Price Points!

Mammoth TT fan kits give you everything you need to remove hot, moist, CO2 depleted air from the grow space, and for very reasonable prices! You get the workhorse Mammoth TT fan, a matched Mammoth Lite budget carbon filter, black combi ducting and some duct clips to connect everything up. Mammoth TT fans move a lot of air for the price point, and come with two speeds, allowing you to control output levels straight out of the box.

Mammoth TT Fans

Mammoth TT Twin Speed fans are low-cost solutions that still offer great performance. They are supplied with everything you need to get started - with no wiring or extra parts required. They also feature two speed settings so that you can gain some additional control over your environment before investing in a fan speed controller.

Running the Mammoth TT will help to control high temperatures by removing hot air from the grow space. At the same time, it will also remove excess moisture, and it will help to draw fresh air into the room, bringing with it a fresh supply of CO2. 

Mammoth Lite Carbon Filters

Mammoth Lite carbon filters deliver the same features that you'd expect to see in professional carbon filters, but at budget price points. You get 38mm bed depths, which are thicker than most other budget filters. You also get high-grade RC 48 Australian carbon, which is the most sought after in the industry. They're lightweight, highly effective and represent a great way to get up and running without breaking the bank.

Combi Ducting

These kits come with black combi ducting, which is similar to traditional flexi ducting, but it's lined with plastic that makes it tougher and more resistant to tearing. Three duct clips are also included, which are used to connect up the system.  

Airflow Rates

4-Inch: 165m3/h or 198m3/h
5-Inch: 248m3/h or 284m3/h
6-Inch: 410m3/h or 530m3/h
8-Inch: 530m3/h or 690m3/h
10-Inch: 1064m3/h or 1405m3/h
12-Inch: 1750m3/h or 2206m3/h


Carbon Filters

4-Inch (300mm) 350m3/hr
5-Inch (300mm) 450m3/hr
6-Inch (600mm) 900m3/hr
8-Inch (600mm) 1220m3/hr
10-Inch (750mm) 1800m3/hr
12-Inch (750mm) 2500m3/hr

Want to learn more about the Mammoth Fans & Filters range? Click here.


Mammoth TT 4-Inch Kit
Mammoth TT 100mm (4-inch) 165 m3/h or 198 m3/h
Mammoth Lite Carbon Filter: 100mm / 300mm - 350 m3/h
5m of 4-inch combi ducting
3 x duct clips


Mammoth TT 5-Inch Kit
Mammoth TT 125mm (5-inch) 248m3/h or 284m3/h
Mammoth Lite Carbon Filter: 125mm / 300mm - 450m3/h
5m of 5-inch combi ducting
3 x duct clips


Mammoth TT 6-Inch Kit
Mammoth TT 150mm (6-inch) 410 m3/h or 530 m3/h
Mammoth Lite Carbon Filter: 150mm / 600mm - 900 m3/h
5m of 6-inch combi ducting
3 x duct clips


Mammoth TT 8-Inch Kit
Mammoth TT 200mm (8-inch) 530 m3/h or 690 m3/h
Mammoth Lite Carbon Filter: 200mm / 600mm - 1220 m3/h
5m of 8-inch combi ducting
3 x duct clips


Mammoth TT 10-Inch Kit
Mammoth TT 250mm (10-inch) 1064 m3/h or 1405 m3/h
Mammoth Lite Carbon Filter: 250mm / 750mm - 1800 m3/h
5m of 10-inch combi ducting
3 x duct clips


Mammoth TT 12-Inch Kit
Mammoth TT 315mm (12-inch) 1750 m3/h or 2206 m3/h
Mammoth Lite Carbon Filter: 315mm / 750mm - 2500 m3/h
5m of 12-inch combi ducting
3 x duct clips

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