Vortex Extraction Kit


Size: 10"
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Vortex Fan Kits - Exceptional Value for Money

Vortex fans come with similar cases to RVK duct fans, but with much greater levels of performance, giving you everything you need to remove hot, moist, CO2 depleted air in the most demanding situations. The Vortex fan comes with a matched Mammoth carbon filter, black combi ducting and some duct clips to connect everything up.

Vortex Fans

Vortex fans are similar in many ways to classic RVK fans. They have the same familiar shape, but come with lightweight aluminium casings that make them even tougher and more durable. Vortex fans really come into their own in terms of airflow, with specifications that blow their counterparts out of the water. For instance, the 4-inch RVK moves 184 cubic metres per hour, but the 4-inch Vortex moves an enormous 350 cubic metres of air per hour - that's nearly double the air movement! When you increase the airflow levels, you naturally increase the capacity for fans to generate extra noise. In this case there are, thankfully, no such issues. We've tested these fans out in the showroom and were very pleasantly surprised by the noise levels.

Running the Mammoth TT will help to control high temperatures by removing hot air from the grow space. At the same time, it will also remove excess moisture, and it will help to draw fresh air into the room, bringing with it a fresh supply of CO2.

Mammoth Carbon Filters

The Mammoth carbon filters included in these kits are specced to match the size and output rates of the TT fans. They will kill odours stone dead before they get the chance to leave the grow space, giving you complete peace of mind. Mammoth filters won't put too much of a 'drag factor' on fans, allowing as much airflow as possible without compromising on smells. They come with 50mm bed depths and utilise premium grade RC48 Australian carbon, which is regarded as the best source on the planet.

Combi Ducting

These kits come with white combi ducting, which is similar to traditional flexi ducting, but it's lined with plastic that makes it tougher and more resistant to tearing. Three duct clips are also included, which are used to connect up the system.

Airflow Rates

4-Inch: 350 m3/h
5-Inch: 490 m3/h
6-Inch: 800 m3/h
8-Inch: 1050 m3/h
10-Inch: 1150 m3/h
12-Inch: 1800 m3/h

Want to learn more about the Mammoth Fans & Filters range? Click here


Choose from the following size options using the dropdown menu:

4-Inch: 350 m3/h Vortex with 100mm / 345mm Mammoth filter

5-Inch: 490 m3/h Vortex with 125mm / 345mm Mammoth filter

6-Inch: 800 m3/h Vortex with 150mm / 645mm Mammoth filter

8-Inch: 1050 m3/h Vortex with 200mm / 645mm Mammoth filter

10-Inch: 1150 m3/h Vortex with 250mm / 600mm Mammoth filter

12-Inch: 1800 m3/h Vortex with 315mm / 750mm Mammoth filter


  • Built around the excellent Vortex duct fan
  • Moves much more air than RVK fans (twice as much in some instances)
  • Paired up with Mammoth filters to kill smells stone dead
  • 50mm bed depth with high-grade RC48 carbon (and two-year life span)
  • Removes hot, stale air from the grow space
  • Available in a range of sizes, from 4-inch to 12-inch
  • Comes with five metres of black combi ducting
  • Three duct clips included to connect everything up

How To Use

How to Use the Vortex Extraction Kit

Check out the following blog post for a visual guide to installing extraction systems.

You'll need to cut off a short piece of ducting and use it to connect the inlet end of the Vortex fan to the carbon filter using two of the supplied duct clips. The other duct clip is used to connect the main length of ducting to the outlet end of the Vortex fan.

Make sure that you hang the system at the top of your grow area (to remove hot air) and make sure that the ducting leads to an outside point. Try not to include any sharp bends in the layout of your ducting or you will reduce the effectiveness of your system.

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