The foundation of plant vitality and increased yield is the formation of health, stress resistant root systems. Atami Rootbastic delivers the perfect mix of Bio stimulant and Bio Mineral, high NPK formula that gives your plants the start they need to flourish. Why not give this premium root stimulator a try and see the dazzling results for yourself...

Do you want the finest produce, dripping with essential oils and aromatics? Then why not give Atami Bloombastic a try? Atami Bloombastic is revolutionary and innovative. Described as the "bling-bling" for plants. Atami Bloombastic includes special bio-stimulants and the perfect amount of extra P and K for the end of flowering which adds the finishing touch at the end of a great grow. If you want to add that extra weight and sparkle, make sure you have it in your additive armoury!

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About Atami

Atami make a whole nutrient range called B'cuzz. However, at One Stop we only stock their stand-out boosters Rootbastic and Bloombastic.

Rootbastic is an extraordnarily good root booster. For a huge, healthy root mass, there's not much to touch it.

Bloombastic stimulates flowering helps ripen fruits and flowers and enhances terpene and essential oil production to the absolute max. Apprpriately called the bling-bling for your plants, people will be in awe at the sheer quality of your crops. It also contains all the extra phosphorus and potassium that your plants need for profuse flowering. Do not use with another PK booster!

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