1. Push Plant Growth to New Levels with a Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller

    So, you?ve got everything nailed down ? you?ve mastered your lighting, environment and feeding and you?re pulling in large quantities of high-grade produce. What next? Well, if this is you, the thing to investigate is carbon dioxide (CO2) supplementation. CO2 levels are one of the key factors that dictate rates of photosynthesis. Plants take the […]

  2. How to instantly remove Chlorine / Chloramine from your Water

    Why is it important to remove Chlorine / Chloramine from your water? Organically growing using beneficial additives, like?Mammoth P,?Mykos?and?Biosys,?fortify rootzones with colonies of?fungi and bacteria; both increasing growth rates and helping to ward off pathogens, ultimately improving the quality and?size of your crop. However, if you’re using them with tap water, you may not be […]

  3. How to use the Gavita EL Master Controller

    So today we?re going to be talking you through the Master Controller from Gavita. ?This particular unit is the EL1, but the basic concept is the same for all of the different versions. The menu system is actually really intuitive, and? simple enough to work out without instructions, but to make it crystal clear, we?re […]

  4. Cloth Pots – The Whys and the Hows!

    About 20 years ago, Superoots released the revolutionary Air-Pot on to the plant pot market. At that time, uptake was slow and was mostly confined to the plant nursery and other parts of the commercial sector. However, as time went by, word eventually leaked out about the wonders of “root-pruning” pots and their popularity has […]

  5. How to Deal with Powdery Mildew

    How to Deal with Powdery Mildew If you notice a white fungus on your plants’ leaves, it’s most likely powdery mildew. Powdery mildew is a fungal disease which affects a massive range of plants. It takes away the plant’s nutrients to use itself, making them weaker and also prone to other diseases. You’ll most likely […]

  6. How to use the Dimlux Maxi Controller

    SO WHAT IS THE MAXI CONTROLLER? The Maxi Controller is capable of operating and monitoring your Dimlux lighting and CO2 equipment straight out of the box. Add a Dimlux Auxbox and you can regulate fans and the switching of pretty much any piece of grow room equipment, including heaters and humidifiers. There are two versions […]

  7. Adjust-A-Wings – Optimise Footprint and Intensity at Every Stage

    The Adjust-A-Wings reflectors have been around for many years. The concept of a reflector whose shape could be adapted to match growth stage and/or the grow-space was first thought up by the Australian innovator, Paul Cronk. Nearly all reflectors on the market are used “as is”. In other words, you screw a lamp into it, […]

  8. Changing your Grow Room Reflector – Does it Make a Difference?

    Should you change your reflector regularly? We set out to find out if there really is a difference between a brand new reflector and one that has had a year’s use. For many, many years the evergreen High Pressure Sodium (HPS) grow light has dominated the grow light market. Historically, watt for watt it has […]

  9. How to Change Nanotube Lamps ? a Quick Guide

    Changing the lamps inside Dimlux Nanotube fixtures requires a few extra steps when compared to standard versions, though it’s still a quick and easy process. It’s well worth spending an extra few moments on this task when you consider the benefits that are to be had. Nanotube fixtures are capable of running at a whopping […]

  10. An Interview with Dan Gulliver of BioBizz

    One Stop and BioBizz go back years and it?s been a staple organic range which customers come back for time and time again, thanks for taking the time out to talk about it Dan, can you tell us where it all started and how you fit in? BioBizz?have been around for 27 years, since the […]

  11. How to Grow with a Load of Brix

    You may not know it, but every grower should be trying to grow their plants with a high level of Brix! However, it tends to be something that not many growers concern themselves about. In this article we’re going to investigate what Brix is, and how it can make a big difference to the size […]

  12. Introducing the new GAS range with Ian Collins

    So we?re back with industry legend Ian Collins to talk about some of the new and exciting products he?s bringing to the market. One of the most exciting products is the new GAS humidifiers, can you run through how those work and why it?s important to maintain humidity? So where do I start? I?ve been […]