Which Internal Lining Is Best for a Grow Tent – White or Silver?

If you take a look at the popular sizes of BudBox grow tents, you may notice that they are available with a choice of either silver or white internal linings. But which is best?

Most other grow tent manufacturers do not offer this choice. There is the standard mylar/silver internal lining, and that's about it! However, just because it is pretty much the industry standard, it does not necessarily mean that it is the best option for the job.

Although we have not yet run any tests on the two types ourselves, we are planning to soon test exactly how the lining material effects the performance of a grow tent. Until then, though, there is plenty of experimental data out there so we can make an informed comparison:

One such experiment tested the light footprints created by the 2 linings inside 1.2m x 1.2m tents and a 600W HPS lamp in an adjustable reflector. The result was a much more even light spread and a greater amount of total PAR light (10% extra) inside the white lined tent compared with the silver lined tent:

Other tests have shown that a silver lined tent can result in a grow-space temperature of 6-8 degree C higher than the white lined tent. This is because mylar reflects heat and is a better insulator while the white lining allows a lot of the heat energy hitting the sides to dissipate through it. If you struggle with temperatures in your grow tent during the summer months then a white lined tent could make a huge difference to your grow!

BudBox tents are renowned for being at the top of their game. In fact they hired an independent company to test their tents against the competition. The result? The BudBox tent was more reflective by a considerable margin:



For the very best results from your grow tent, get a BudBox Pro White-lined Grow Tent. You won't regret it!

Until next time, happy growing guys! :)

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