Opticlimate – A grower’s dream come true

Opticlimate - Solves grower's heat problems once and for all!

The combination of hot HPS lamps and the summertime creates one of the biggest problems for an indoor gardener - heat! Sometimes an extraction system is still not enough to keep temperatures down to a reasonable level. Also when the temperature goes up, there will usually be a resultant rise in water evaporation from reservoirs or off moist soil coco etc. This will cause a rise in ambient humidity.

Once temperatures go above about 28C (without additional CO2 enrichment) and/or humidity goes above or below about 50-60%, then something called the Vapour Pressure Deficit (VPD) will be off optimal. Vapour Pressure Deficit is a somewhat complex subject, but having the understanding that when the combination of your temps and humidity go off-target, then you risk losing yields and creating the right conditions for pathogenic fungi.

Fortunately, there is a solution for this problematic state of affairs - and it's called the Opticlimate!

Creating the perfect grow conditions

The Opticlimate is a full climate control unit that contains an air conditioner, a heater and a dehumidifier all-in-one, and one will keep your grow room at precisely the right temperature all year round. Giving plants the right conditions all the time offers gains of around 25% to the average grower, with the added benefit of being free of any rot setting in!

In most cases, growers find that an Opticlimate pays for itself very quickly.

Here at One Stop Grow Shop, we have really embraced the Opticlimate as one of the greatest innovations in indoor growing. To say that it is a highly worthwhile investment would be a huge understatement!

Because of the enormous potential benefits the Opticlimate units offer, we have just completed the installation of a full working demonstration unit in our showroom, complete with Dimlux Pro HPS lights in a grow tent so that our customers can experience first-hand what a huge difference this appliance can make.

The sealed-room system

Once an Opticlimate has been deployed in a grow-room there is no longer the need (temperature & humidity wise) for an extraction system. The only thing that needs attending to create a sealed-room system is the problem of CO2 depletion. CO2 is absorbed by plant leaves and is used as one of the ingredients to make sugar by the process of photosynthesis.

As plants use up the CO2 in a sealed room, their ability to photosynthesise and make sugar drops. In a sealed growroom the grower needs to replenish the CO2 so that the plants can continue to grow. There is a lot to be said for boosting CO2 levels beyond the natural background concentration anyway (up to a maximum of about 1200 ppm). In this way, a grower can further increase the growth rate of the plants.

The Opticlimate can be linked to a Dimlux Pro system, incorporating a CO2 sensor, controller and valve to keep the CO2 levels perfect for the ultimate in plant growth speed.

Opticlimate Installation

Opticlimate Units are often installed outside of the grow space. Suitable feeds should be set up by a competent electrical person and plumber. Give us a call and we will happily talk you through the ins and outs and what is required. We can also make sure that you order exactly what you need so that you're not caught short of vital parts required for the installation.

We test every Opticlimate before it leaves the building, to make absolutely certain that you receive a perfectly working unit. This is all part of the service that we provide at One Stop Grow Shop. We naturally want you to be thrilled with your purchase, and we go that extra mile to make sure that you are happy with this and every purchase you make from us!

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