Introducing… FLIRmask Reflective Sheeting!

The Most Amazing Anti Infra-Red Grow Sheeting

Are you looking for the next big thing in hydroponic sheeting? Well, we're happy to introduce an incredible new product: FLIRmask Reflective Sheeting!

What is FLIRmask?

FLIRmask is a ground-breaking sheeting, like no other. The designers of FLIRmask have managed to design a material that has top-quality reflective abilities, and blocks infrared radiation. So, simply put, it successfully stops any heat from escaping your grow room and works to increase insulation. 

What Makes FLIRmask So Special?

There are lots of benefits to FLIRmask that make it stand out from standard reflective sheeting, therefore making it the most exciting sheeting on the market. Some of these benefits include:

  • Scientifically developed by the military to avoid detection
  • Reflects infrared radiation
  • 100% light insulating
  • Flame, chemical and fluid resistant
  • Easy to cut and form
  • Temp resistant up to 500 oC
  • Durable and tear resistant
  • Non-combustible
  • Innovative and multi-purpose

It is known to be 70-80% reflective of radiated infra-red, and therefore has the highest reflectivity of any grow sheet we’ve tested. It reflects red and blue light better than any other grow sheeting, and because of the protective coating on the sheeting it is non-corrosive, and flame retardant. The infra-red radiation is reflected back into the room, and therefore you may need to increase your extraction rate by up to 30%.

How Do We Know It's This Good?

FLIRmask have even conducted their own tests to determine how reflective it actually is of heat, all of which have produced interesting results. Two individual tests were conducted, one using a 30mm steel mandrel positioned 80mm from the heat source at 635 degrees C, and one with a 30mm steel mandrel protected/covered with FLIRmask clamped at 80mm from the heat source at 635 decrees C. Their results were incredible

In conclusion, FLIRmask has been proven to be incredibly durable, and resistant to not only heat but chemicals. Essentially, this is a solve-all material that tackles your infrared and thermal shielding needs.

We currently stock FLIRmask in 5 and 10 metre lengths, so check it out on our WEBSITE now! Make sure that you grab some soon, because it's sure to be flying off the shelves!

Happy growing :)

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