FLIRmask Reflective Sheeting

FLIRmask Reflective Sheeting


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5 metres

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FLIRmask Reflective Sheeting

An all-in-one sheeting solution that's more reflective than the competition, while stopping heat and light from escaping the area!

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FLIRmask is more reflective than anything else out there (and as you probably already know, more reflected light equals bigger yields!). After years of research and development, the team of military level engineers behind FLIRmask have also managed to incorporate heat shielding technology which prevents excess heat from leaving the grow area. It's even flame and chemical resistant, making it the safest option available, too. Don't just think of it as reflective sheeting - FLIRmask is much more than that, doing at least four jobs in one. It may be pricier than other sheeting types, but it's a very worthy investment!

  • Pays for itself in no time at all by increasing harvests with its ultra-high reflectivity
  • Tested to reflect more light than even Orca sheeting!
  • Fattens fruits by hitting them with more light from the sides than any other sheeting type
  • Reflects more light in blue areas of the spectrum - better for veg and keeping height levels down
  • Seals in heat, preventing it from escaping outside
  • Great for growrooms in colder areas, like cellars
  • Scientifically developed by engineers responsible for producing military equipment
  • 100% light insulating - keeps light form escaping outside the grow area
  • Improves growroom safety - flame, chemical and fluid resistant
  • Easy to cut and form
  • Comes in 5 metre and 10 metre lenghts, 1 metre wide
  • Temp resistant up to 500 oC
  • Designed to last - thicker than other reflective sheeting
  • Highly durable and tear resistant

FLIRmask Reflective Sheeting contains:

FLIRmask is available in two lengths - 5 metres and 10 metres (1 metre in width)

How FLIRmask Reflective Sheeting Works:

FLIRmask is a solve-all material that tackles your infrared and thermal shielding needs. It not only has energy saving properties, but also works to reduce carbon emissions. It manages to combine being incredibly durable and strong, as well as being easy to cut and mould into what ever size and shape you need it to be.

It is known to be 70-80% reflective of radiated infra-red, and has the highest reflectivity of any grow sheet we’ve tested. It reflects red and blue light better than any other grow sheeting that we've ever tested. Because of the protective coating on the sheeting it is non-corrosive, and flame retardant.

Because Infra-red radiation is reflected back into the room, you may need to increase your extraction rate by up to 30%. However, you can rest-assured that this sheeting will prevent infra-red radiation leaking out of your grow space and heating up surrounding walls.

FLIRmask carried out heat aging tests, where five samples were aged significantly at 150 degrees for 30 mins. The samples did not deteriorate, discolour or warp any more than 3% in every direction. It has an amazing ability to reflect all infrared light, and also reflects blue light better than other grow sheeting as well.

This sheeting is lined with an inner layer of woven glass, E Fibre, Silicon and high-temp resistant resin.

How to use FLIRmask Reflective Sheeting:

When using FLIRmask, be sure to cut it appropriately to fit the space in your grow room. It can be hung anywhere around your grow space, in which you need a reflective surface and infra-red containment. FLIRmask sheeting is available by the metre.

Tear strength – N (warp 1000) (weft 510)

Emissivity – 0.1

Thickness – 0.22mm +/- 0.01

Width - 100cm

Mullen Burst Mpa – 2.34