Introducing – Monkey Nutrients (Q&A)

Introducing - Monkey Nutrients (Q&A)


So today, we're joined by the Monkey Nutrients team. Made by growers for growers, Monkey Nutrients provides you with a complete range of tried and tested products, taking the best elements from other ranges & combining them into a specially formulated and vastly improved formula. Monkey Nutrients started in 2020 after years of developing their products, but they've taken off at a rapid rate which we've not seen before.

Firstly, thank you for getting Monkey Nutrients onto our shelves so quickly! How did Monkey Nutrients start and what made you think of the name?

Monkey Nutrients first started for a couple of reasons, the main reason being that we were hand picking signature products from different ranges which complicated things when using them together.

Because of this, we decided to look at manufacturing our own nutrient range which would not only solve the issue of buying key products from different ranges, but also give you lots of additional benefits to allow it to stand out from the crowd, giving you signature products all under one roof.

For example, we added folic acid into our “Stress” product (Silicic acid), which we don’t believe has been done before. High grade kelp is also added into our root stimulator, giving it additional benefits, such as increasing the natural growth hormones in your plant, leading to vastly superior growth and richer root system development.

The reason we decided to go with the name Monkey Nutrients was we wanted something that was catchy, vibrant, and something that was easy to remember for returning customers.

We didn’t realise how many PUN’S there was when choosing this name, but clearly has been highlighted since by various cheeky monkeys who can’t help themselves.

Amazing, what's your background and where did you get all the industry knowledge from?

Our background is varied really, I myself worked in the retail sector of hydroponics since 2010, part-owning two stores called “hydro2grow”. After closing those two stores, we decided to look into different varieties and grades of minerals and plant extracts as we wanted to get into the nutrient industry. After many months of research and testing, we’d picked out a leading biochemist to craft our range. After many more months of testing, we decided to release the finalised product into two London stores for feedback.

The momentum we had was unbelievable, and very quickly, we’d have stores from all over the country getting in touch with us via Instagram asking how they can get their hands on the range.

Why do you think this was?

I think the momentum grew due to us having a really strong ethos of being the best of the best, and for a reasonable price. We’ve had a massive uptake in our Rootshoot, which is one of the signature parts of the range. It consists of high quality plant hormones and acids (fulvic, humic, amino etc). High quality ingredients form a product which can’t be beaten, and it’s the way forward with all of our products. Would you want to cook with the cheapest ingredients possible, or the highest quality ones for maximum flavour and results?... You’d choose the highest quality everyday of the week. As we’ve mentioned, our Stress product is also talked about quite a lot, due to the additional of folic acid being added into the mix, which allows your plants to uptake nutrients more efficiently, maximising growth rates.


Our Monkey Magic & Boost are also creating quite a huge following; they’ll have you swinging from the trees with excitement…

We also keep it fun, which is what growing is all about. That’s why we’ll be hiding £10 in some of the new boxes when they’re released as a way of thanking our customers for getting on-board, so keep your eyes out for that one!

Fantastic, what makes it different from the other ranges on the market?

Each of our products are very current and use the latest technology to help you get the best out of your grow. Do you still use your iPhone 4, or do you switch up to get the very best experience with the 10 Pro?... That’s our philosophy, we’re always innovating to provide growers with the best products on the market. We aren’t content being “last years” best thing.

We try to make it nice and simple too, so you can use Monkey Nutrients in all mediums. We still give you a Grow and a Bloom as base nutrients, but we didn’t feel the need to complicate things further as the testing proved fantastic in all mediums.

What can we expect from Monkey Nutrients in the future, any other products you can talk about or anything exciting etc?

So moving forward, we’ve got a couple of cheeky tricks up our sleeves which will benefit the end user’s but, they’re obviously top secret. Moving forward, we’re always testing products, and we’ve been looking at calmag with a twist…

If you want to learn more about Monkey Nutrients, checkout our website!

Thank you to Monkey Nutrients for getting involved, keep a close eye on these guys, they're going to be huge in the industry!

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