IR Pocket Infra-Red Leaf Temperature Thermometer - For Calculating VPD

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  • Measures leaf temperatures
  • Together with a hygrometer it allows you to calculate vapour pressure deficit in your grow room
  • Handy, portable size
  • Simple operation - very easy to use
  • Features a lock mode so that a measured temperature continues to be displayed once the temp has been taken
  • Supplied with 2 x AAA batteries
  • Measures in Centigrade or Fahrenheit (degrees C or F)
  • Battery lasts for around 20 hours of use

Calculate your  Grow VPD with this Infra-Red Leaf Temperature Thermometer

The IR Pocket infra-red leaf temperature thermometer takes accurate readings of leaf temperatures, allowing you to calculate vapour pressure deficit levels in the grow area. VPD tells us a lot more about plants’ transpiration rates than just using the typical measurement of relative humidity. By knowing what the temperature of your leaves is and RH then VPD can be calculated, giving the user a far more accurate idea of how quickly a plant is transpiring. Optimal transpiration leads to optimal plant health and growth speed meaning this IR thermometer can really make a huge difference to the success of your growing!


How the IR Pocket Infra-Red Leaf Temperature Thermometer Works

The I-R Pocket takes accurate readings of leaf temperature levels, providing you with the information required to tailor the growing environment to your plants’ needs. Just point it at the canopy and press the ‘measure’ button – you’ll then have a much clearer picture of how your lighting is affecting your plants and you’ll be able to make adjustments accordingly, either by turning down the output level or by raising or lowering the light itself. If you’re technically minded, you can use the information from the IR temperature thermometer to calculate VPD (vapour pressure deficit). VPD refers to the difference in pressure between plants and their surrounding atmosphere and is a much more accurate measure of the environment than simply using temperature and relative humidity alone - think of it as describing the air’s ability to draw water away from foliage.

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1 x Infra-Red Thermometer, 2 x AAA batteries

Operating range: -49.9 to 349.9 °C (-58 to 662 °F)

Temperature resolution: 0.1°C/°F

Response time: 1 second

Distance spot: 1:1

Dimensions: 22mm x 52mm x 100mm

Weight: 92g

How to Use the the IR Pocket Infra-Red Leaf Temperature Thermometer

Using the Infra-Red Thermometer is very simple. All you need to is point it at the surface that you wish to evaluate, press the ‘measure’ button and check the reading on the display. There are various operating modes that can be accessed with the ‘mode’ button. With successive presses it allows you to change various settings - readings in C or F, turning the "HOLD" function, changing the emissivity etc. You can find out more about these modes by reading the supplied instruction sheet. Note that the emissivity setting will have an effect on the temperature reading. Emissivity is displayed on the unit as a number between 1 and 100. Materials like metals tend to be at the lower end of the spectrum (around 1) while pure water is at 96. For general purpose use, including reading plant leaf temperature, we recommend you leave the emissivity setting to it's factory default setting.

The distance spot on this unit is 1:1 meaning that the area that it covers is equal to the distance squared. For example, if you hold the unit 3 centimetres away, it will cover a 3cm x 3cm area. For the best results, hold the IR Pocket thermometer as close as possible to the object that you wish to measure.

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