Bluelab Peripod (M3)


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A State of the Art Nutrient Doser and pH Adjuster!

When used alongside the Bluelab Pro Controller Connect, the Peripod M3 pumps nutrients into your tank and also makes pH adjustments. The two products combined allow you to monitor your nutrients from a distance and make changes to pH and EC levels using a smartphone, tablet or PC! Having the ability to manage nutrients from anywhere in the world brings obvious time-saving advantages, flexibility and complete peace of mind.

How the Bluelab Peripod M3 Works

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Time is money, as the old saying goes - and the clever people at Bluelab have come up with an ingenious way to shorten the length of time needed for administering nutrients, allowing you to concentrate on other important areas, like training, pruning and foliar feeding.

When growing hydroponically, it’s vitally important to the keep pH, and EC levels in check. With the Bluelab Peripod, these readings are automatically kept at the required levels. The Peripod responds to dosing triggers it receives from the (separately available) Bluelab Pro Controller, pumping nutrients, pH up and pH down solutions into your reservoir using peristaltic pumps. This is done in small increments, avoiding spikes and keeping your nutrients consistent. It should be noted that the Bluelab Pro Controller works as a standalone unit, but the Peripod does not.

The Bluelab Pro Controller can be manged from your mobile phone, tablet or home computer while you're on the move, using an internet connection. This means that you can spend longer periods of time away from your grow room, freeing up time for other things. Note that you'll also need a Bluelab Connect for this purpose.

As one final bonus, the Bluelab Peripod comes with a 2 year limited guarantee, 6 months for the pumps and tubes (proof of purchase required).

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  • Bluelab -  a world leader in the field of plant nutrient control
  • Auto-doses nutrients and makes pH adjustments
  • Perfect for connoisseurs and commercial growers
  • Deals with one part or two part nutrients (A&B)
  • Used in conjunction with the Bluelab Pro Controller Connect (sold separately)
  • Can be managed through any internet connected device (requires extra equipment)
  • Provides consistent, highly accurate readings
  • Delivers peace of mind - keeps nutrient and pH levels stable
  • Allows you to leave your growroom for longer periods of time
  • 2 year manufacturer's guarantee!

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