Bluelab pH & EC Meter Cleaning and Calibration Combined Kit


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Keep your Bluelab pH and EC Meters Clean and Accurate

Being able to test the pH and EC of your feedwater is vital in ensuring your plants are fed properly and stay happy. Underfeeding or overfeeding or pH problems in the feed water means that your plants will suffer. Bluelab pH and EC meters have been the choice of growers for a very long time. They are tough, accurate and very reliable. However, to maintain their accuracy and reliability they need to be cleaned and calibrated periodically. This kit contains everything you need to clean and calibrate your Bluelab pH and EC meters.

How the Bluelab Cleaning and Calibration Kit Works

Bluelab meters are great for growers. They reliably assist the gardener to properly mix and periodically test their nutrient solutons. Although Bluelab pH and EC meters are known for their build quality and ease of use, they are actually highly sensitive and accurate pieces of scientific equipment. Just like with all pH and EC meters, through use, debris and dirt can build up on the probes. This can cause the meter to give inaccurate readings and also reduce their lifespan. To maintain the accuracy and lifespan of a Bluelab meter the probes needs to be kept clean and the meter needs to be recalibrated from time to time. This care kit contains all the solutions and cleaning tools you'll need to clean and check the calibration of any Bluelab meter.

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  • Bluelab - The Grower's choice of meter for measuring pH and EC levels of nutrient solutions
  • Helps maintain the accuracy and longevity of your Bluelab meter(s)
  • Contains all the required calibration solutions you need
  • Provides all the correct cleaning tools for fast, gentle and effective pH and EC probe cleaning
  • Can be used to clean and calibrate any Bluelab pH and/or EC meter(s)

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