Basic pH & EC Testing Kit

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Unbelievable Value for Money!

While putting together this kit, we tested numerous budget pH and EC meters in an attempt to find the ultimate trade-off between quality and value for money. We believe that this is the best basic nutrient testing kit out there, providing you with everything required to accurately monitor the conductivity and pH of your nutrient solutions - and for a truly staggering price.

How the Basic pH & EC Testing Kit Works:

Please note: your pH tester may have a build up of mineral deposits on the sensor when received - it just needs washing off with clean, warm water and you're good to go!
In order for your plants to absorb nutrients, the solution given to them will need to be adjusted so that it sits within ideal pH and conductivity ranges (nutrient strength). This kit provides you with the testing equipment required to create nutrients that are tailored exactly to your plants' exact needs. We've even included some calibration fluid so that you can be 100% sure that the equipment is working accurately at all times.

It should be noted the EC pen reads in μS/cm (micro siemens per centimetre). Converting this number to EC or CF is incredibly easy.

A reading of 1900 would be equivalent to 1.9 EC or CF19.

A reading of 0300 would be equivalent to 0.3 EC or CF03

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  • Perfect for beginners 
  • Two separate meters - one for pH and one for EC
  • Comes with Vitalink pH and Growth technology EC calibration fluid for accurate testing & peace of mind
  • Manufactured from tough, rigid plastic
  • Up to 700 hours operation from a single set of batteries
  • Easy operation and simple screwdriver calibration
  • Please note brands my change on the pH and EC pen but quality won't be affected.

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