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LED Grow Lights

We stock the UK's best selection of LED grow lights, offering incredible full spectrum light while producing drastically less heat in comparison to HPS lighting. Compact and lightweight, LED grow lights are now a true alternative to the traditional HPS grow lights. With no lamps to replace after each grow-cycle, LED grow lights are very low maintenance. Add to that the long lifespan (several years at least) and tailor-made light spectrums especially developed for optimum plant growth, these lights can really revolutionise your growing experience. Final crop quality is increased greatly because of the vastly improved spectrum of light that they produce. We offer only the best model lights available on the market, all the LED grow lighting that we stock have been extensively tested by ourselves, and each one represents the best that you can get at its price point. 


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The fantastic benefits of the best LED Grow Lights

Our range of hydroponics LED lights keeps getting bigger and better. We hand-pick only the very best (with the highest PAR ratings) to offer to you such as products from top manufacturers like Lumatek, Gavita, Maxibright, Grow Northern and Sanlight. We have models which can replace traditional 400w, 600w, and 1000w HPS (High Pressure Sodium) or Metal Halide (MH) systems. We also carry lower output models for propagation lights and the early vegetative lights and those somewhere in-between (like the Lumatek and Maxibright mid range LEDs)

Top 5 LED Grow Lights in the UK

  1. Maxibright 660w Pro LED - The Maxibright gives amazing performance and bang for your buck; it's our go to full spectrum light for beginners!
  2. LUXX 645w LED Pro V2 - Coming straight out of the grow rooms of California, the LUXX gives you top level performance and build quality.
  3. GN Telos - Made here in the UK, the Telos range give you the best quality LED Grow Lights on the market; grow with Telos today.
  4. Maxibright Daylight LED 1030W Pro LED - Growing in a 1.5x1.5m area? The 1030W Pro has you covered!
  5. Omega Luna 630W LED - If you're growing on a budget, the Omega Luna gives you fantastic performance at its price range!

So, why would growers make the switch to LEDs?

LED grow lights offer:
  1. Greater efficiency than HPS - they give more light per watt of electricity
  2. Most of them emit a full spectrum of PAR light - ideal for plant health, plant growth, final yields and harvest quality - the perfect grow light.
  3. The light is focused straight down onto your plants rather than needing a reflector
  4. They run much cooler than other types of light with no infrared - greatly reduced heat problems, even in Summer
  5. Lighting that lasts for years - no need to change lamps like traditional lighting.
  6. No bulbs to change out regularly unlike other types of grow light.
  7. They barely deteriorate over their long lifespan - up to 11 years or, sometimes, even longer
  8. They reduce running costs of your lighting
  9. Contain no mercury or other environmentally unfriendly substances unlike other lighting
  10. Completely recyclable unlike older methods of lighting

Originally, NASA came up with the concept of LEDs so that astronauts could grow their own food in space. Back then, the component Light Emitting Diodes were not very efficient and it has taken many years of development to reach the stage where, watt for watt, they only match the results of HPS Grow Lights they actually exceed them. Because the higher quality model LED lights create full spectrum light (including white), your plants will be happier and healthier, producing even better crops with LED lights! They are absolutely the future of growing, LED Lights needs to be in your setup.

LED lights are nothing like they used to be. They have so many advantages it is no wonder that growers everywhere are switching over to them. HPS used to be the standard light of choice because it offered the best yield per watt of electricity used. These days, the huge advances that have been made in LED technology by companies such as Cree and Osram, and the introduction of COB (Chip On Board) components means that they give a lot more light for a given amount of electricity than they did even a few years ago. The net effect is that watt for watt, LED lights can beat the yields produced by a similar wattage HPS, all while producing lower temperatures. Even the top double-ended HPS models can't compete with full spectrum LED grow lights.

Energy Efficiency power consumption with LED

The electric that is used by LED lights is converted into a mixture of light and heat. If an LED produces more light for a given amount of electrical power, then it must also create less heat. Watt for watt, t give lower temperatures than other types of grow light. The amount of PAR light they produce is measured in µmols / Joule. Some manufacturers state only the efficiency of the LED components themselves. LED fixtures also contain a driver unit to change mains AC electricity into a few volts DC which LEDs run on. The drive units are never 100% efficient, so the efficiency of a fixture will always be lower than that of the LEDs themselves. When comparing them, be careful check whether manufacturers are quoting the efficiency of just the LED components, or the efficiency of the whole unit. They do not produce lots of infrared light like HPS lights do. Infrared light is a type of radiation that heats up the object it lands on, but without heating up the air in-between. All in all, they help to avoid a lot of temperature problems that causes difficulties growing in the summer months. A great side-effect is that the risk of a fire in your grow room, which usually has disastrous and life-changing results, is reduced.  Many LED models have the facility to have fuel daisy-chained to multiple units. If you want to increase your energy efficiency, grow with LED Grow Lights (you'll decrease your energy bill in the process too, saving you money).

Efficient, Long Lifespan with LED lighting

Another great benefit of full spectrum LED grow lights is their lifespan - usually 5 years at least, and many up to 11 years! That means no more changing out lamps on a regular basis. That can save lots of money and hassle over 5-10 years. Also, a high quality LED model uses less power/energy so you'll be saving money on the electricity bill too!


Most growers look for good aftercare with their plant lighting, and you get that with LEDs, for example. Gavita, Maxibright and Lumatek Systems come with a three year warranty with their lights.

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

The spectrum output produced by an HPS is very much concentrated just in the orange & red part of the light spectrum. While that is perfectly ok for producing yields, we know that plants much prefer a full spectrum of light which includes blue, cyan, green and yellow as well. There is a myth that plants do not use green light. Although the cells on the top of leaves do reflect green to some extent, green light actually penetrates deeper into the canopy, and helps the plant to create certain compounds. By growing plants using full spectrum LED grow lights, plants are healthier and have a better structure (stay shorter and bushier).

Blue LED Grow Lights

On top of that, the inclusion of blue light in the LED lighting spectrum means that the final crop quality is vastly superior. Full spectrum LEDs can be used right the way through a grow from start to finish meaning you don't have to change bulbs or grow lights when switching from cutting/seedling to the veg phase or to the flowering/fruiting stage. The Telos is a great example of a light with plenty of blue

How to compare different models of LED light against other lighting

We only carry full spectrum LED grow lights which have passed our testing process, so whichever one you choose, it will be fantastic value for money. There are 3 main ways of comparing them:

  • The amount of light that LEDS create for the amount of electrical energy that they use. This is measured in µmols / Joule and is sometimes called the efficiency. (A Joule is basically 1 Watt per second).
  • The light spectrum LED lights put out help through the vegetive and flowering cycles, pushing growth further, especially when combined with full control systems.
  • The evenness of the light footprint over the area that the LED lights have been designed to cover an area perfectly, giving maximum control.

LED Grow Light Technology

LED Grow Lights have pushed the horticulture/hydroponics industry forward with their efficient fixtures, fantastic price range and ability to put growers in control with full spectrum, highly efficient lighting. The plants that LED light creates are healthy and high-yielding, making the technology and price tag worth it. Growers over the US and UK are flocking to LED Grow Lights to fuel their grow, and this is down to the lights pushing forward at a rapid rate.

LED Grow Lights- Why make the Switch?

LED Grow Lights provides your plants with everything it needs to grow healthy plants which yield high. LED light provides your plants with full-spectrum light, helping them to grow more evenly and your plants will be healthier due to the LED grow lights. LED grow lights give off the correct levels of temperature needed to grow all year round. Unlike HPS, LED grow lights also allows you to see pests and deficiencies amongst your plants, making it easier to maintain your plants while they're in your grow space.

Better Quality

LED lights also provides higher quality plant matter, providing more flowering sites and you'll see larger yields on your plants. Your plants will also love the output of LED lights as it mimics the sun, giving them LED grow lights which they'd get in the wild as oppose to artificial spectrums.

No need to replace your lamp!

There's no need to replace your lamp when you grow using LED fixtures, most of them output 70,000 hours give or take unlike HPS lights which require you to replace your lamp every few grows. It's a massive step forward in the horticultural industry.

Feature rich fixtures - Pushing the Horticultural industry forward!

The features LEDs give you are amazing; you get features such as controllers, sunrise sunset mode and much more. You get a lot more control and the features they give you comparing to HPS/CDM lights re fantastic. If you want to get as many features as you can in your grow room, this is the lighting system for you.

UV Lights - What do they do?

UV lights are a fantastic way of increasing high quality plant matter, oils and stops stretching. The technology is improving, and the Maxibright Daylight UV strips are perfect for the job.

Brands you can trust

Brands like Maxibright, Gavita, Lumatek, Telos and Sanlight give growers plenty of options and control in the grow room / indoor garden, and their LED light are some of the best in the hydroponics industry.

Save big money with LED technology and make the switch.

Fast Shipping!

If you're looking for fast shipping, we carry large stock of all of the fixtures, meaning you get fast delivery when you checkout with us and purchase your LED light! Need help shipping internationally? We ship a massive array of indoor horticultural gear all over the world - see your shipping price at the checkout!

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