Omega Infinity 3.0 Pro 1000w LED Grow Light


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The Gold Standard of 1000W LED Grow Lights: Ultra-Efficient and High-Intensity

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The Omega Infinity 1000 watt LED is a real beast, coming in at a ground breaking 3.0 μmol per watt and an enormous 3099 μmol/s PPF! This makes it our best performing grow light to date. Expect to see extremely fast plant growth, record-breaking yields and unsurpassed quality. 

How the Omega Infinity 1000w Pro LED Grow Light Works

Omega Infinity 1000 watt grow lights produce intense, full-spectrum lighting outputs that mimic the spectrum of sunlight, recreating your plants' natural outdoor environment. The efficiency level of these units is unparalleled, squeezing as much plant growth as possible from every watt of electricity they consume, giving you incredible bang for buck. 

By utilising ten separate bars, and spreading the diodes over a wide area, the Infinity generates a footprint that's almost perfectly even.

A grow light with this kind of intensity really comes into its own in a 1.5m square grow space, making it ideal for use with a BudBox Pro XL Plus. With that said, it can physically fit inside a 1.2m grow space, and many growers use these types of LED inside smaller grow tents. Be warned that, if you do so, you'll need to keep your light raised initially because the sheer intensity could easily stress out your plants, especially if they're still in their earlier stages. Use the supplied output controller: start off at 25% and work your way up gradually, looking for signs of stress. If you have particularly hardy plants with thick stems, you may even be able to run it at full power. 

To get the very best out of the Infinity LED, take a look at the Matrix Lighting Controller. It delivers a greater level of control and access to features like sunrise / sunset mode, which eases plants in and out of day and night cycles. You can run up to 200 fixtures from a single controller using daisy chain cables. Alternatively, check out the Telos Growcast, which brings Bluetooth based, smartphone control to your LED grow light.

To squeeze as much plant growth as possible from an LED like the Infinity, consider supplementing with CO2. CO2 supplementation boosts photosynthesis rates, allowing plants to make more efficient use of the light energy emitted by your grow light. It's not uncommon to see increases in yields of 10% to 20%.

Dimensions: 109cm x 119cm x 9cm

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  • Runs at the highest efficiency levels in the industry, coming in at 3.0 umol / watt
  • Incredibly powerful, with an enormous 3099 μmol/s PPF output
  • Optimised to max-out yields in a 1.5m-square grow space — covers up to 1.8m
  • Utilises a ten-bar design, for an even footprint and a perfect plant canopy
  • Frame-size less than 1.2m square: 109cm x 119cm x 9cm
  • Can be assembled in minutes and without tools — uses magnetic bars
  • Silent running — built with no internal fans and passive cooling
  • Low profile — great for grow spaces with low ceilings
  • 60,000 hour lifespan — you can get a decade out of it on a 12/12 cycle
  • Output level is adjustable in 25% increments using included dimmer (25%, 50%, 75% & 100%)
  • Detachable driver — can be operated remotely if you so wish
  • UKCA, RoHS, and CE certified


2 X End frame A & B
10 x 3.0 LED bar
1 x 1000W LED driver
1 x Support frame
2 x Metal hangers
1 x Dimming controller
1 x Driver tray
1 x Spirit level


Total boxed weight: 20.1kg

How To Use

Omega Infinity 3.0 Pro 100 grow lights can be assembled in minutes.

All you need to do is fit the lighting strips into the two panels using the magnetic sticking point.

The team at Omega Grow Lighting recommend using these lights in 1.5m to 1.8m-square grow spaces. BudBox 1.5m x 1.5m grow tents are ideal.

Be warned that these lights are incredibly powerful: when you're starting off, don't get them too close to your plants. Begin on the lowest setting; you can then gradually ease up the intensity and reduce the light height as your plants adapt.

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