Maxibright Daylight LED UVA and UVB 60W

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  • Perfect for supplementary lighting
  • IP65 Rated - Prevents against splashes and dust
  • Attatches to a Daylight LED fixture (480w/660w) OR can be used independently
  • 5000 hour lifespan
  • Internal LED Driver - Plug and play design
  • Light radiation - 6600mW (UVA: 6200mW UVB:400mW)
  • Increases desirable plant specifc compounds by 20% - 35%
  • Kills or greatly suppresses moulds like powdery mildew
  • Destroys air-borne pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and mould spores
  • Can be used to reduce plant stretching

Increase plant compounds and kill bacteria with UV

The Maxibright Daylight LED UVA & UVB strips are ideal for those wanting to increase plant quality and kill any bacteria / mildew spores in your grow room. 

How the Maxibright Daylight LED UVA & UVB works

When plants are exposed to UVB, they send out signals to stimulate the production of the RVR8 Protein which in turn, signals the plants to produce more external compounds to protect them from the increase in UVB.

UVA & UVB also help to eliminate the growth of powedery mildew, as these spores can't live in a high UV environment.

UVB also creates more compact and denser flowers, stopping stretching and keeping your plants at the ideal height for increasing yields, allowing them to focus all energy into fruit production rather than stretching upwards.

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x 1 Maxibright Daylight LED UVA and UVB Strip

x 1 Power Cable (3.5m cable)

x 1 Hanging Brackets

Specifictions -

Dimensions – 1131.5*46.2*40.3 mm

Net weight (kg) – 1.35 kg

Gross weight (kg) – 1.45 kg

Input current –  0.27A (230VAC)

Input power – 60w

Supply voltage (V) – 230v

Supply Frequency (Hz) – 50/60Hz

Power factor –  ≥0.95

IP rating – IP65

Life span (hours) – >5000hours

Light angle (°) – 140°

Working temperature (°C) – -0 to +40°C

Light radiation:5890MW



Lighting Durations

As always, it's better to start out low and work your way up gradually. In general, you want to be aiming to work your way up to 2 - 6 hours of UV per day, spread out over two stints. Start off at two 15 minute sessions and work your way up by increasing the duration of each stint by 15 minutes every couple of days.

The Pulse Method

15 minutes on, 45 minutes off throughout the entire flowering run during lights on. This will give plants some time to rest in between pulses and will have the added benefit of being near impossible to have adverse effects.

Sunrise / Sunset (Approach with Caution)

2-3 hours on at the start and end of the ‘day’. Some users turn their solacure on during the sunrise and sunset times.

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