Lumatek Full Spectrum Bar LED Grow Light 100W


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Add some extra light into your setup with the Lumatek Full Spectrum 100W LED Bar!

When you want to add some extra light into your room, it's often hard finding a high-quality light with the dimensions to fit in your grow space. The Lumatek Full Spectrum Bar LED Grow Light 100W is a singular bar which is self powdered by its ballast to add a whopping 2.9 µmol/J into your setup. These units can be used on their own, or alongside or LEDs to hit those corners of your grow tent which suffer from light loss, leading to an increase in yields!

Please note these units are purchase to order & make take a few working days before we dispatch them.

  • High PPF output for intense lighting at 295 µmol/s
  • Exceptional efficacy of up to 2.9 µmol/J
  • Includes high-quality Lumatek 100W LED remote driver
  • Features Clear Glue protection cover technology on the LED bar
  • Utilizes top bin Osram and Lumiled LEDs
  • Balanced full spectrum for optimal plant growth
  • External control with Lumatek Control Panel Plus 2.0 or Universal Controllers 0-10V
  • Fully dimmable for precise light control
  • User-friendly Plug & Play assembling
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty for peace of mind
  • Industry-leading £/µmol ratio for cost-effective performance
  • IP65 rated for durability in challenging conditions

Using these bars in propagation, particularly if your final growing space incorporates the Lumatek Zeus, is a brilliant idea. This ensures your plants not only reach their optimum potential but also experience the exact light spectrum they will encounter under the Zeus. This minimises growth shock during the transition to the main tent, providing young plants with an ideal foundation for robust development.

Each 115cm bar boasts an effective growing footprint of 120cm x 25cm. Specifically designed for propagation, these bars work seamlessly in a BAY6 DP 130 tent, covering 2-3 propagators. With a total light output of 295 µmol per unit, they deliver an impressive level of light efficiency.

Supplied with a remote dimmable driver, these bars allow you to control the light settings from outside your growing space. You can dim the unit using an external 0-10v controller, and for larger areas, multiple lights can be connected in series with a Lumatek daisy chain cable. It's important to note that to dim individual bars, they must be connected to a controller or used in series from an existing dimmed Lumatek fixture, as they don't feature their own manual dimming dial. However, achieving the right intensity is easily manageable by adjusting the mounting height.

Similar to the Lumatek Zeus, the Clear Glue protection cover technology on the LED bars ensures 99% light transmittance without loss, maximising diode lifespan. This technology also enhances corrosion resistance and waterproofing up to IP65 standards, making it ideal for high humidity propagation and veg environments.

External Management - This Lumatek LED fixture offers the convenience of external control using a Lumatek digital lighting controller (Digital Panel Plus 2.0). This controller provides features such as light timing, automated dimming (adjustable in 1% increments), temperature safety control, and a Sunrise & Sunset Mode. It's capable of managing up to 100 fixtures per controller.

Compatibility with Universal Control Systems Lumatek LED Fixtures are compatible with various control systems, including the Lumatek Digital Panel Plus 2.0 and any other system that employs a 0-10V output signal. Even if your Universal Controller has an RJ port interface, you can still operate our LEDs by using a signal converter, specifically an RJ to 0-10V control adaptor.


EFFICACY: up to 2.9 μmol/J
PPF: 295 μmol/s
INPUT VOLTAGE: 220-240V, 50-60Hz
INPUT POWER: 102W (±2%)
LIFETIME: +60000hrs
LIGHT SOURCE: Osram & Lumileds Diodes
DIMMABLE: With 0-10V Light Dimmer (Sold Separately)
EXTERNAL CONTROL: With Lumatek Digital Panel Plus 2.0 or Universal Controllers 0-10V
DIMENSIONS: 1148 x 20 x 53mm
SPECTRUM: Full Spectrum +

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