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Model: Telos 10 Pro Mesh LED (300 watt)
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Telos Mesh LEDs — Bluetooth Enabled LED Grow Lights, Controllable via Smartphone App

Telos Mesh units are the new and improved replacements for the Telos 10 Pro (300 watt)  and Telos 6 Pro (180 watt) that now include Telos Mesh technology as standard. Telos Mesh LEDs are compact, professional LED grow lights built specifically for horticulture, featuring waterproof drivers. 

Now you can say goodbye to clumsy timers and contactors and program lighting schedules the easy way! The Telos Mesh system allows you to regulate your grow lights using a smartphone app that's downloadable from the Apple and Android app stores. The Mesh systems built into each lighting fixture communicate with each other to create an ultra-secure, encrypted Bluetooth network, or 'mesh network', staying synchronised and acting as a group. Note that, if the power ever goes out, the lights will maintain their settings for 24 hours, so power cuts won't be an issue. And once you've set up your network, it can't be seen by other Bluetooth devices in the vicinity, giving you complete peace of mind.

You can then control timings and gain access to features like sunrise / sunset mode, which eases lighting in and out gradually. Precise PPF mode allows you to dim your lighting according to the exact PPF output and wattage, rather than as a simple percentage.

Like other LEDs, Telos grow lights run significantly cooler than other forms of lighting — up to 10°C cooler — making them ideal for the summer months. Professional-grade Meanwell drivers and sealed Samsung and Osram diodes ensure that Telos grow LED lights output intense, full spectrum light while operating at low power consumption rates.

With high efficiency ratings of 2.5+ µmols per watt, Telos LEDs produce yields that will blow the equivalent HPS wattage out of the water: you get incredible outputs with low power, low heat, and low running costs.

Telos lighting fixtures also come in at great price points, saving you money when compared to other lighting fixtures of the same calibre.

How Telos LED Grow Lights Work

While some "full spectrum" LED grow lights employ just white LEDs, others utilise a mixture of blue and red LEDs. The Telos team chose a spectrum that optimises plant growth during both veg and bloom - mostly white light with a generous helping of extra red. This combination gives growers enough blue light to keep internodes nice and tight early on while piling on weight during the later stages. The lenses used give Telos systems a wider coverage, allowing them to cover larger percentages of the grow area at the same height as other LEDs, providing the correct environment for plant growth, including an integrated sunrise and sunset mode for a smoother transition between light periods.

The Telos research and development team have engineered the the Telos Mesh LED to be practically indestructible you could probably throw one of these units down the stairs and it would still work (though we don't recommend trying it!). You'll be shocked at the sheer quality given the relatively low price.

To further increase reliability, the 3 watt rated diodes are slightly under-driven. Initially, that might sound surprising; however, there are actually very good reasons for doing this. It does mean that slightly more diodes needed for the same wattage, which makes the GN Telos slightly larger in size, but it has the effect of making the diodes run more efficiently while extending their lifespan. To maintain the theme of reliability, Telos units are powered by Meanwell driver units which are among the best in the industry. As a consequence of their efficiency, Telos LEDs generate far less heat than HID lighting, making the grow room environment much easier to control. This helps to create a crop that's not just more abundant, but also of better quality. You can expect more intense flavours and aromas from fruits produced with this LED grow light, and a better looking end-product with richer, more varied colours.

With 85000 hour lifespans, these LED Grow Lights will illuminate and adequately cover your growing area for nearly ten years of continuous operation.

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  • Controls lighting patterns via a smartphone app, downloadable from the Apple and Android stores
  • Creates a secure, encrypted Bluetooth 'mesh network' — undetectable by outsiders
  • Incredibly high PAR light output of 2.5+ µmols per watt
  • Choose your Telos LED: the Telos 6 Pro (180 watt) or the Telos 10 Pro (300 watt)
  • Features a superb mix of high quality white and red Samsung and Osram LEDs for an ideal light spectrum
  • Holographic optic technology gives a wider beam angle for a super-even footprint
  • Completely sealed design with IP66 rated dust and moisture ingress protection
  • Quiet, passive and fanless LED cooling thanks to the large heatsink
  • Powered by a Meanwell driver for bomb-proof reliability and long-term peace of mind
  • Secondary optics create a superb light spread and canopy coverage
  • Modular design allows for future upgrades (upgrade your current Telos 10 to the Pro with the Upgrade Kit)
  • Telos Mesh - built by the team of industry leading UK experts at Telos Lighting
  • Up to 85,000 hours lifespan, to deliver nearly 10 years of continuous use!
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Each unit comes in at a great price, saving you money compared to other lighting fixtures


Your choice of pro LED grow light (Telos 10 Pro Mesh or Telos 6 Pro Mesh)

1 x 3m power cord with quality Weiland connector (to plug the LED grow light into a power socket via 3-pin plug)

1 x LED grow light hanging kit

How To Use

To get the most out of your GN Telos, it is best used in a grow space or grow tent of between:

GN Telos 6 Pro Mesh: 0.6m x 0.6m and 0.75m x 0.75m

GN Telos 10 Pro Mesh: 1.0m x 1.0m and 1.2m x 1.2m

For auto flowering varieties of plants such as tomatoes, chillies, peppers etc. the grow areas for your Telos LED can be slightly increased.

The Telos LED includes a hanging kit with strong metal eyelets at each end for easy, secure hanging. We recommend that you use the wire cable and carabiners included with the unit. Alternatively, a pair of sturdy Rope Ratchet Hangers or Jack Chain could be used to hang your Telos LED. Due to the weight of these items they are unsuitable to be hung via easy rolls.

For cuttings, seedlings and young plants, we recommend a hanging height of 1 metre above the canopy.

For larger, well-established vegging plants, we recommend a hanging the Telos 80cm above the canopy.

For plants in the flowering stage, we recommend a hanging height of 60cm above the canopy.

LED grow lights produce less heat, so factor this in when dealing with your environment during the winter.

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