5 Lockdown Essentials to Keep you Growing Sweetly!

5 Lockdown Essentials to keep you growing sweetly!

Lockdown has been extended (no shock there), but don’t worry, we’ve got everything you need to keep growing sweetly through the remainder of your isolation period.

1) Nutrients – it’s self-explanatory, without food, your plants can’t grow! We’ve the biggest range of nutrients available, in-stock, ready to go. Make sure you’ve got enough to get you through your current / next cycle! See our full range of nutrients here.


2) Propagation Kits – if you can propagate your own batch of cuttings, you can grow indefinitely! Our kits give you everything you need to increase strike rates and grow stronger cuttings for maximum plant growth further down the line - don't finish your crop and realise you can't get your hands on more cuttings!


3) Vitalink Chill – It’s a good time to start preparing for the heat... We’ve seen over the last few weeks how the temperatures can soon sore up to the mid/high twenties, leading to your plants potentially struggling with the sudden change of climate in your grow room. Don't worry though, as Vitalink Chill can be added to increase hormones which increase a plants resistance to negative conditions. Start adding it in now to protect it from unexpected changes in weather while you’re in lockdown!


4) Zip-Zag Bags - While you’re busy growing your herbs in lockdown, you’ll need somewhere to store them until afterwards! Don’t go without a pack of zip-zag brand bags - they’re leak proof, resealable and can be used to cure your produce whilst teaming it up with Integra Boost Pouches!


5) Pest prevention – if the temperature increases and you’re tending to your outside crops in your garden, you could potentially bring pests back to your indoor garden. Make sure you’re stocked up on pest preventatives as it could save your crop from spider mites or thrips! We'd recommend BioGreen Garlic!

Happy growing!
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