Introducing Ecothrive Kits

Introducing Ecothrive Kits

Ecothrive kits are a great introduction to the world of organic additives, harnessing the power of beneficial microorganisms to push growth rates and plant health to new levels. They work particularly well for growers in soil and coco, and they'll deliver great results with both organic and mineral based feeds. These kits are even greater than the sum of their parts: the three components work together symbiotically, maximising each other's effectiveness.

Charge is composed of beetle larvae droppings, a substance otherwise known as 'frass'. Frass contains an array of macronutrients (NPK 3:2:3) that get released slowly when it starts to break down. Charge is also packed with a powerful ingredient called 'chitin'. Chitin is commonly found in the cell walls of insects, and it triggers a kind of 'fight or flight' style response in plants, causing them to toughen up. As a result, you can expect to see fruits swelling up in size. Frass also contains extremely high levels of beneficial bacteria (450 million per gram) and several micronutrients.

Organic teas are known to have dramatic effects on growth and they've been a staple among horticulturalists for millennia. In more recent years, we've been able to establish that their effectiveness is largely down to super-high concentrations of beneficial microbes. Organic teas can often take a long time to create, requiring days of 'brewing'. In Biosys, the team at Ecothrive have created a product that recreates the benefits in an instant, delivering billions of microbes in one easy hit!

Here's a quick breakdown of the contents:

Endo mycorrhizal fungi (x8 species) - forms a symbiotic relationship with roots: plants feed endo mycorrhiza sugars, and in exchange the fungi help plants to uptake water and nutrients.

Bacillus (x8 species) - inhibits pathogens, helps to prevent diseases, accelerates root development and improves nutrient uptake.

Nitrogen fixing bacteria (x2 species) - Azotobacter and Azospirillum convert nitrogen from the air into a form that can be uptaken.

Pseudomonas (x2 species) - plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (or PGPRs) produce plant strengthening hormones like cytokinins and auxins, common ingredients found in many 'Boost' products.

Trichoderma (x2 species) - beneficial fungi that help to prevent attacks from pathogenic fungi.

To maximise the results, Ecothrive have included a complex mix of growth enhancing, complementary ingredients – enzymes, amino acids, proteins, humic acids, carbohydrates, yeasts and seaweed extract.

Neutralise gets the best from Biosys and Charge by creating an environment where microbes can flourish and multiply readily.

Regular tap water contains chlorine and chloramine; two chemicals that are added to water to control the spread of diseases and parasites. Unfortunately, these chemicals won't discriminate between positive and negative microorganisms, having an equally devastating effect on beneficial populations. Ecothrive's Neutralise solves this issue by tackling chlorine and chloramine quickly and easily. Adding a single drop for each litre of nutrient solution will prime regular tap water for organic growing, allowing you to get the very best from your base nutrient and additives.

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