BioBizz were the first Dutch nutrient company to have their products certified by Skal and OMRI as fully organic. To achieve this accreditation, organic feeds must contain only naturally derived ingredients from sustainable sources. BioBizz nutrients and boosters are high performance and are regarded as products of excellence. Ultra sweet, aromatic and flavourful crops are assured. They are the first choice for many organic growers.

The feeds contain all the NPK that plants need, along with 70+ trace elements and minerals along with amino acids too. BioBizz feeds provide everything for superb growth and flowering or fruiting, plus the range is suitable for hand-watering in soil or coco. However, they are generally not regarded as suitable for most hydroponic systems as they will usually clog up the feed and drain pipes. Apart from that, these feeds will help you grow the best natural produce possible, bursting with aroma and flavour!

Hot Tip - BioBizz feeds and Plagron Bat Mix soil make an excellent combination that's hard to beat!