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Avoid Calcium & Magnesium Deficiencies with BioBizz Calmag!

If you live in a soft water area, or use Reverse Osmosis water then you may experience plant deficiencies in Calcium and Magnesium. BioBizz feeds and boosters, on their own, work best in medium-hard water. BioBizz Calmag will correct any lack of 2 of the key minerals in your water.

How BioBizz Calmag Works

Soft water has less mineral content than hard water. The most important minerals that are lacking in soft water are calcium and magnesium. BioBizz feeds are designed to be used with average hardness water which has a medium level of calcium and magnesium. This means that if they are used with soft or Reverse Osmosis water then deficiencies may occur. Calcium is vital for strong cell walls and immunity to fungal infections. Magnesium is a vital component of chlorophyll. A lack of either of these two minerals is tragic for a plant. Also, calcium and magnesium can be "locked-out" or made much less available should there be a lot of potassium or phosphorus in the root zone. Most "bloom" feeds contain extra potassium and phosphorus to fuel plants' demands during the bloom phase. This means that calcium and magnesium can become less avilable to the plant. Adding a PK booster can make the situation even worse. Using this calmag additive can help to ensure your plants don't become deficient during this important time. In line with all of BioBizz products, BioBizz Calmag is completely natural and certified as a fully organic additive.

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1x Bottle in your choice of size of BioBizz Calmag (250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L or 10L)

Pair this alongside our Ecothrive Starter Packs to get the most out of your organic grow!

Calmag (and the rest of the BioBizz range) teams up well with BioBizz All-Mix or Lite-Mix. All-Mix is a more heavily fertilised soil, making it ideal for repotting well established plants. Lite-Mix (as the name suggests) is better for younger plants or for growers who want complete control over nutrient strength.


  • Created by a top Dutch manufacturer - BioBizz
  • Completely natural and fully certified as an organic additive
  • Corrects calcium / magnesium deficiencies
  • Nitrogen-free formula
  • Great for use with soft water or Reverse Osmosis (RO) water
  • Works great with BioBizz feeds and other boosters
  • Available in five different sizes

How To Use

How to Use BioBizz Calmag

BioBizz Calmag can be used for plants grown in any substrate. Be aware that BioBizz feeds are all-natural and are fairly thick. This means that they are not suited to systems that use dripper lines as they can clog them up. They are best suited to hand-watering in soil or coco. BioBizz Calmag is much less thick than their feeds so it could be used with other feeds in a hydroponic system. Be sure to keep drip-lines clean and free from blockages.

BioBizz products are fully organic and are designed to work hand-in-hand with beneficial microbes. If you are growing with BioBizz feeds and you are keen on the "Biological" way of growing we highly recommend treating your water first with Ecothrive Neutralise water conditioner. Chlorine or chloramine which is added to tap water can inhibit or even kill the beneficial microbes in soil. Ecothrive Neutralise turns chlorine and chloramine into harmless by-products almost instantly. We also recommend you use Ecothrive Biosys every 10-14 days to "top-up" and boost the beneficial microbes.

To use BioBizz Calmag, first of all add it to your feed water at the following dosage:

For deficiency prevention in Hydro/Coco: 0.5-1ml/ per litre of water

For deficiency prevention in Soil: 0.3ml - 0.8ml per litre of water

For deficiency correction in Hydro/Coco: 0.5-1.4ml per litre of water

For deficiency correction in Soil:0.3-1.2ml per litre of water

After adding it to your water, give it a good stir and then add your other feeds and boosters one at a time and give the water good stir in-between adding each one.

Afterwards, adjust the pH to around 6.5 for soil or around 5.8 for coco/hydro. BioBizz pH Down and BioBizz pH Up are ideal for this.

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