BioBizz All-Mix Soil 50 Litre

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  • Created by a top Dutch manufacturer – BioBizz
  • Certified 100% organic potting soil mix
  • Fully fertilised for excellent plant growth
  • Airy texture provides a top-notch environment for roots
  • Perfect for use with the range of BioBizz nutrients and additives

Certified Organic Soil that's Great for Potting Up Larger Plants, Delivering Exceptional Growth Rates

BioBizz All-Mix is a 100% organic potting soil. All-Mix has long been referred to as the Rolls-Royce of soil mixes containing everything a plant needs for lush, healthy growth. Virtually all soil products encourage beneficial microbial activity in the root-zone. This increases yield and root-health. 


How BioBizz All-Mix Works

BioBizz All-Mix is a 100% organic soil mix for all-natural cultivation of plants. All-mix contains 35% garden peat base, 30% perlite and 20% sphagnum peat moss for water retention and excellent texture, 10% high quality organic worm humus rich in macro and micro nutrients and finally 5% BioBizz Pre-Mix which is a very high quality organic fertiliser. Mixed together, these components provide a light, airy root environment with just the right amount of water retention and nutrients for superb plant growth. All-Mix is fully fertilised and contains enough nutrients for several weeks of growth.

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50 Litres of BioBizz All-Mix

BioBizz All-Mix is for use with plants grown organically in soil. All-Mix is designed for potting established plants. All-Mix is richly fertilised and may be too strong for seedlings and un-established plants. To use, simply fill your soil container with All-Mix without pressing it down too much. Re-pot your established plant into the All-Mix in the usual way and water thoroughly.

Used as directed and in combination with BioBizz nutrients and additives, All-Mix provides the perfect basis for organic growing and lush, healthy plants.

BioBizz All-Mix E.C. – 2.4

BioBizz All-Mix pH – 6.6


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