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BioBizz Bio-Bloom

BioBizz Bio-Bloom is one of the original liquid organic plant foods and is still one of the best. Packed with goodness to grow beautiful plants the natural way.

All BioBizz products encourage beneficial microbial activity in the root-zone. This increases yield and root-health. For a really flourishing microherd we highly recommend using Ecothrive Neutralise to avoid the chlorine/chloramine in tap water from inhibiting, or even killing, the friendly microbes, plus a quality beneficial inoculant such as Ecothrive Biosys with BioBizz products. For an extra kick, try Ecothrive Charge too!

How BioBizz Bio-Bloom Works

BioBizz Bio-Bloom is a blend of organic nutrients and ingredients for feeding plants grown in soil in the flowering stage. It contains no chemicals, only natural feeds such as vegetable extracts, algae, enzymes and plant-based hormones. It works by enriching the soil and working with beneficial organisms to feed your plants. It is rich in phosphorous, potassium for increased blooming and larger fruits. It contains everything your plant needs in this stage, including vitamins, amino acids and 70 trace minerals. The result are crops of superior quality and texture with a natural sweet taste.

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Pair this alongside our Ecothrive Starter Packs to get the most out of your organic grow!

Bio-Bloom (and the rest of the BioBizz range) teams up well with BioBizz All-Mix or Lite-Mix. All-Mix is a more heavily fertilised soil, making it ideal for repotting well established plants. Lite-Mix (as the name suggests) is better for younger plants or for growers who want complete control over nutrient strength.


  • Created by a top Dutch manufacturer – BioBizz
  • For use on soil and as part of an organic feeding schedule
  • Certified organic plant-food
  • Excellent nutrient for use in flowering stage
  • Used with BioBizz Bio-Grow to give your crops a fine sweet taste
  • Packed with natural amino acids, 70 trace minerals and much more
  • Perfect for use with the range of BioBizz nutrients and additives
  • Create an awesome mineral-based feed schedule supplement with Bio-Bloom, Top Max and Bio-Heaven

How To Use

How To Use BioBizz Bio-Bloom

This product is mainly for use in the flowering stage for soil-grown plants. Use as and when required. Dilute at a rate of 2-4ml/Litre of water. Use as directed along with BioBizz Bio-Grow all the way through flowering

Used as directed and in combination with nutrients and additives from this top manufacturer, BioBizz Bio-Bloom will impress you with excellent blooming and healthy, naturally grown crops.

As with all nutrients, boosters and additives, never mix them together in their concentrated form (i.e. straight from the bottle). Always add each nutrient, booster or additive to your reservoir water or feed water in turn, giving the solution a good stir to mix it in before adding the next one.

Recommended dosage – 2-4ml/Litre.

NPK 2-7-4

Bio-Bloom Data Sheet

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