BioBizz All-Mix Soil 20 Litre


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Certified Soil that's Great for Potting Up Larger Plants, Delivering Exceptional Growth Rates

BioBizz All-Mix is a high quality, 100% organic potting soil. All-Mix contains an array of organic elements that combine to deliver rapid growth. It has long been referred to as the Rolls-Royce of soils, containing enough nutrient to sustain lush growth for up to four weeks. Virtually all soil products encourage beneficial microbial activity in the root-zone, and BioBizz All-Mix is no exception. Naturally, All-Mix teams up nicely with BioBizz nutrients.

How BioBizz All-Mix Works

BioBizz All-Mix is a 100% organic soil mix for all-natural cultivation of plants.

The substrate is made up of the following ingredients:

35% garden peat and 20% sphagnum peat moss - these peats form the basis of BioBizz All-Mix; they create a soil with an ideal consistency, retaining plenty of moisture.

30% perlite - perlite is an inert additive made from expanded volcanic glass. It works to improve drainage in the soil, making the substrate light and airy, for improved oxygenation.

10% high quality organic worm humus - rich in natural organic elements, with plenty of macro and micronutrients, mimicking a rich outdoor soil.

5% BioBizz Pre-Mix - this is a potent additive that contains organic fertilisers, rock meals, trace elements and fungi.

Mixed together, these components provide the perfect substrate for root development - a light, airy soil with a good balance between drainage and water retention. BioBizz All-Mix is fully fertilised and contains enough nutrient for several weeks of development.

Instead of using pure mineral salts, organic growers rely on biologically active organic ingredients. These complex organic nutrients are broken down by beneficial microorganisms (bacteria and fungi). The microorganisms break down the fertilisers, making them available to plants while performing an array of other roles. To boost microbial activity even further, consider adding in some BioBizz Microbes, which fortifies the rootzone with large number of microorganisms.

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If you're looking to pot up younger plants, take a look at BioBizz Lite-Mix soil, which is pre-fertilised with lower levels of nutrient.


  • BioBizz All-Mix - created by one of the industry's top nutrient manufacturers
  • High quality, certified 100% organic potting soil mix that mimics rich outdoor soil
  • Fully fertilised soil rich in organic elements, like a good compost
  • Airy texture for high levels of oxygenation and a great environment for roots
  • The perfect substrate for use with other BioBizz products
  • Will get the best out of your organic indoor garden
  • Teams up nicely with fabric pots, like Air Pruners

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