Mills Nutrients

Mills Nutrients was started about 7 years ago in Holland, where all their products are now manufactured.

Mills is one of the first to combine both synthetic and organic sources, and can be used in all grow mediums. It is incredibly easy to use, super effective, and engineered to deliver massive yields! To find out more about Mills Nutrients have a read of our blog by clicking Here. Or why not watch our video guide on How to Mix Base Nutrients in our Blog Here.

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Mills Nutrients

Coming from Holland, Mills nutrients have spent years formulating their nutrients to deliver the ultimate combination of growth rates, yield and final product quality.

They have achieved this by blending yield-producing mineral nutrients with quality-producing organic ingredients. The end result is a bio-mineral feed of the that just can't be beaten. Fantastic aromas and flavours ensure your product will always be in the highest demand.

The "Mills Pays the Bills" slogan is very apt because your crop yields will be awesome.

Basis A&B

The Mills nutrients base nutrient is highly concentrated so it is economical and easy to use. It is also simpicity itself because there are no separate grow and bloom formulations. It contains all the nutrients that plants need for fast, strong, and healthy growth and deliver huge, high quality yields. It is available in both soft and hard water formulations to allow you to optimise the nutrient to the hardness of your tap water.

Start R

Young plants are happiest when given a starter nutrient until they are ready for a normal type. Mills nutrient Start has been designed to give young plants exactly what they need to have the best beginning in life. It is mostly organic and quite high in Nitrogen to fuel strong vegetative growth. For this reason it can be used with Mills Basis for an added nitrogen boost during Veg and early flowering. It also contains humic and fulvic acids as well as amino acids. With ingredients derived from sea kelp, strong root development is assured.

Ultimate PK

This is a premium PK booster which is used in early to mid flowering to boost the phosphorous and potassium levels which plants need more of during that time. It contains a high level of phosphite which plants need particulary in the mid to late stages. It also helps to keep the root zone clean and healthy. Not to be used with Mills C4 which is also a PK booster made especially for the end of the flowering stage.


Mills Nutrients C4 is especially made for the end of flowering. It is a complete PK booster so it shouldn't be used with Mills Ultimate PK. Apart from being a PK booster, C4 also contains ingredients to mature the flowers and stimulate essential oil and carbohydrate production to increase the quality in the final harvest.


Mills Vitalise is predominantly a silicon additive. Mills Nutrients use a form of silicon called mono-silicic acid. It is far more available and usable than is used in the more traditional silicon supplements, like potassium silicate. Vitalise strengthens cell walls, builds thicker stems, improves resistance to pest attacks, and increases photosynthesis. Vitalise also contains boron, molybdenum and zinc to facilitate growth.


Although Calcium and Magnesium deficiencies mostly occur in soft water areas or when using reverse osmosis water, they can also happen to plants with any type of water during mid-flowering.

A PK booster during mid-flowering can lock out calcium and magnesium causing a deficiency. Use this excellent Mills CalMag supplement to help prevent this occuring. 

pH Flower

pH Flower is an especially designed to keep pH levels in the right range (5.8 -  6.2) during the flowering period. Mills PH Flower helps you to keep the reservoir water in the right range so that deficiencies do not occur.

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