Mills Nutrients - pH Flower - 1 Litre

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Get Your pH Levels Spot-On With Mills pH Flower

Add some Mills Nutrients pH Flower to your nutrient reservoir whenever you need to reduce pH levels.

How Mills pH Flower Works

In order for plants to uptake mineral nutrients, the acidity / alkalanity of your nutrient solution needs to be within the correct ranges. If the solution is too acidic or too alkaline, nutrients can get locked out and deficiencies can start to take hold. The ideal pH value in hydro and coco is generally considered to be around 5.8 to 6.2, with soil growers going up to around 6.5.

pH Flower contains phosphoric acid, which adds a little bit of extra phosphorus to your feeding regimen, promoting vibrant root development and fruiting.

Note that all pH down products use aggressive chemicals (acids), so they must always be handled with extreme care. Wear gloves and never get the liquid anywhere near your eyes.




  • Used to adjusts and maintain pH levels within optimal ranges
  • Increases the availability of nutrients
  • Delivers a source of phosphorus - great for roots
  • Neutralises hard water
  • Gets the best out of your other nutrients
  • Corrosive - requires careful handling

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