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Lays the Foundations for Bigger, Better, Sweeter Tasting Fruits

C4 from Mills Nutrients gets your plants off to a flying start in the bloom phase. It uses a unique blend of ingredients that jump start the flowering process, laying the foundations for bigger yields and better quality levels further down the line.

How C4 Works

C4 contains a blend of phosphorus, potassium, biostimulants and carbohydrates. Phosphorus and potassium are two essential macronutrients that are required in greater quantities as plants start to bloom. C4 satisfies this demand, ensuring that plants reach their full potential. The biostimulants in C4 have an array of effects, acting like natural steroids that send the signal to plants to enhance growth rates and increase resistance to stressors, like pests, diseases and adverse environmental conditions. Carbohydrates are made by plants during the process of photosynthesis, and adding in extra carbohydrates boosts this process. It also works to increase BRIX levels, leading to healthier growth and a sweeter tasting end-product.

Use C4 from week three to week six. Use Ultimate PK from week six onwards and stop at the final flush. See the feed chart in the downloads section for more information.

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  • Potent bloom booster that kickstarts the flowering phase
  • Speeds up the development of fruits early on
  • Used from the beginning of week three to the end of week six
  • Lays the foundations for bigger and better yields
  • Loaded with phosphorus, potassium, biostimulants and carbohydrates
  • Switch to Ultimate PK in week six
  • Available in three sizes: 250ml, 1L, 5L

How To Use

How to Use Mills Nutrients C4

During the flowering phase, C4 should be used as follows, per 10 litre:

Week 3: 10ml

Week 4: 10ml

Week 5: 20ml

Week 6: 10ml

Switch to Ultimate PK in week six, where you use both products together. For more information, check out the Mills feed chart, which can be found in the downloads section.

C4 must be kept out of reach of children, and is harmful if it comes into contact with your eyes. Avoid ingesting or breathing in the product, as it could be corrosive and harmful to your health if swallowed. Avoid direct heat, fire, or contact with your skin, as prolonged exposure could cause irritation.

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