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A Potent Source of Silicic Acid, for Tougher, Stronger Plants that are More Resistant to Stress

Mills Vitalize is one of the most sought after products in the range. This mono-silicic acid additive works by thickening up cell walls, which has profound effects on the plant as a whole, producing fatter stems and robust structures that can support more weight. This naturally has a big impact on yields, so you can expect to see an increase in the final weight. You also get an improvement in the quality of the end-product, too, with better flavours and aromas, thanks to increased BRIX levels.

How Mills Vitalize Works

Vitalize was formulated to improve plant health and increase resistance to stress. Developed in conjunction with the leader in silicic acid agro technology, it's the product of years of testing and development, which led to the creation of a uniquely bioavailable form of silicon. Vitalize is effective when used via the roots or as a foliar treatment, and it has a noticeable impact on plants that can be seen after just a few days of application. When adding silicic acid, plants get a boost in overall health, with bigger, glossier leaves that point upwards towards your lighting, seeking out energy for the process of photosynthesis. Pests find it harder to penetrate healthy leaves, making plants more resistant to pests. Vitalize is also ideal for growers with mould problems, like rot and powdery mildew. By boosting plants' immune systems, you help them to fight off these issues before they become a problem. This makes a silicon additive, like Mills Vitalize, a must-have if you're struggling with less than ideal grow room conditions.

Unlike many other silicon-based products, Vitalize contains an array of macro and micronutrients that promote growth and development, including phosphate, potassium, boron, copper, molybdenum and zinc.

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  • An extremely potent silicon additive - made with bioavailable silicic acid
  • Super-concentrated - used 0.1ml to 0.2ml per litre
  • Improves plant structures - thickens up stems and strengthens branches
  • Boosts plants' immune systems and resistance to pests, diseases, mould and rot
  • Increases nutrient uptake, for bigger and better yields
  • Can be used throughout the entire cycle (growth and bloom)
  • Loaded with trace elements like boron, copper, molybdenum and zinc
  • Makes plants more resistant to drought by reducing water loss
  • Comes in five sizes: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre and 5 litre


How To Use

How to Use Mills Vitalize

When using Vitalize make sure to always add it first to your nutrient solution, and stir thoroughly before adding any other products. Vitalize can also be used alongside other fertilizers.

Use at 0.2ml per litre throughout the vegetative stages and the first four weeks of bloom / fruiting phase. For the last four weeks of bloom / fruiting use at 0.1ml per litre. Stop using it for the final flush.

Vitalize is also particularly effective when applied directly to leaves as a foliar treatment.

Mills Vitalize must be kept out of reach of children, and is harmful if it comes into contact with your eyes. Vitalize causes severe skin burns, eye damage, and clothing damage. Avoid ingesting or breathing in the product, as it is corrosive and harmful to your health if swallowed. Avoid direct contact with heat, fire, or with your skin, as exposure is extremely dangerous. Make sure to wash thoroughly after handling, and if swallowed rinse out your mouth without inducing vomiting. Seek immediate medical attention if any ingestion, burns or contact occur.

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