Athena Nutrients

Athena derives from the grow rooms of Los Angeles, California and is known for its high quality, medicinal grade crops. There's two options for you to choose between, their Blended Line (Liquid) & Pro Line (Powdered).

Whether you're growing with the Blended or Pro line, Athena will give you killer crops and massive yields.

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Athena Nutrients - Pro or Blended?

Pro Line - The Pro line range is best suited to those who want full control over their nutrient solution OR are growing in larger numbers as powdered nutrients make it really easy to transport and save the hassle of carrying bulky liquid feeds. They have put a lot of work into making their pro-line super soluble with a low heavy metal content. Super productive, the Pro Line has been developed with professional growers in mind.

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Blended Line - The blended range is perfect for those who're wanting to get up and running with the Athena nutrients ange quickly - they give you a great selection and the liquid range will give you amazing results; go for this is if you're growing smaller numbers and want a simple feeding schedule.

Struggling with Pests?
Athena's IPM is a fantastic product if you're struggling with powdery mildew or insects and can be used all the way from seedling to harvest. It also contains NO artificial pesticides / fungicides, making it a safe way of preventing pests in your grow room.

Athena Nutrients has you covered all the way through your cycle, even giving you a comprehensive way to control pests with Athena IPM.


Athena Cuts is the newest addition to the Athena range. Its state of the art rooting-technology is brand-new to the industry and gives you new root growth faster than you'll have ever seen.

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