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Kits: Grow and Bloom
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Money-Saving Athena Starter Kits

Athena exists to support the modern grower, no matter the scale. Their core principle is to formulate products that improve quality, reduce costs and drive consistency. Athena was born in the grow rooms of Los Angeles, California, where they are always in pursuit of the perfect run.

These kits are the perfect way to get started with the range. There are two options to choose from: a 1 gallon (3.78 litre) Grow & Bloom base nutrient set, and an additive pack that features 32oz (0.94 litre) bottles of Cleanse, CaMg, PK.

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Choose between the following kits:

PK, CaMg and Cleanse - 0.94 litre


Grow A&B and Bloom A&B (Blended Line) - 3.78 litre


  • Saves money over buying items separately
  • Sediment free, so no more blocked drippers!
  • California's finest, used by all the pros
  • Incredibly popular on social media
  • Can be used in coco, hydro, rockwool or soil

How To Use

How to Use

For more information on using the Athena range, check out the downloads section for a full feed chart.

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