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Our Athena Nutrients Pro Kits gives you everything you need to follow their Pro range through from start to finish; you can choose from a 4.5KG kit or a 11.3KG kit, making it ideal for those growing on any scale.

Why Athena Nutrients Pro?

Athena Nutrients pro range provides growers with the highest quality powdered nutrients available on the market; if you're after huge yields, this is the range for you.

Athena - Pro Line - Core

Athena Pro Core provides strong baseline nutrition across all stages of plant growth. Nitrogen to assemble chlorophyll and amino acids. Calcium to build structure. Essential microelements to catalyze photosynthesis, enzyme production and a multitude of important plant processes.

Athena - Pro Line - Grow

The vegetative growth stage demands well-rounded nutrition to establish strong roots and lush foliage. Athena Pro Grow is a balanced soluble fertilizer blend formulated for commercial cultivators to streamline irrigation. Use with Athena Pro Core for a complete and balanced recipe.

Athena - Pro Line - Bloom

Flowering plants require higher amounts of phosphorous (P) and potassium (K) to increase flower bulk and support high-metabolic activities. Athena Pro Bloom contributes balanced levels macro and micro-elements including sulfur (S) used for increasing potency and flavors.

Athena - Blended Line - Balance

Athena Balance is a simple formula of potassium silicate specifically concentrated to buffer irrigation water and stabilize to ideal pH. Silicon additionally benefits plant growth, stem structure, stress reduction, water usage (osmoregulation), and nutrient utilization.

Commercial growers find better results, particularly with reverse osmosis (RO) water, when buffering first with Athena Balance. Pure RO water has unstable chemical structure that can trap other nutrients when added without a buffer. Athena Balance adds just enough to the water to create a more homogenous fertilizer solution and reduce the need to pH adjust after mixing.

Formula is sediment-free and is compatible with mechanical dosing systems (Dosatron). Athena Balance is not recommended for electronic dosing systems (Netafim).

Athena - Blended Line - Cleanse

Athena Cleanse is made from hypochlorous acid. This mild acid is derived from salt and a proprietary electrochemical treatment process. The result is a unique chemical with powerful oxidative properties which can be used to reduce mineral scale in irrigation systems.


Athena 4.5KG Kit Contains - 

Athena Pro Line Grow - 4.5KG

Athena Pro Line Bloom - 4.5KG

Athena Pro Line Core - 4.5KG

Athena Blended Line Cleanse - 946ml

Athena Blended Line Balance - 946ml

Athena 11.3KG Kit Contains - 

Athena Pro Line Grow -11.3KG

Athena Pro Line Bloom -11.3KG

Athena Pro Line Core -11.3KG

Athena Blended Line Cleanse - 3.78L

Athena Blended Line Balance - 3.78L

Grow Gadget Digital Scales


  • Contains the full Athena Nutrients pro range
  • Comes in two variations for growers of all levels
  • Provides your plants with the highest quality liquid nutrition available
  • Save £££ when you buy your Athena as a kit
  • Also contains a digital scale for accurate nutrient measurement

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