How to instantly remove Chlorine / Chloramine from your Water

How to instantly remove Chlorine / Chloramine from your Water 

Why is it important to remove Chlorine / Chloramine from your water?

Organically growing using beneficial additives, like Mammoth PMykos and Biosys, fortify rootzones with colonies of fungi and bacteria; both increasing growth rates and helping to ward off pathogens, ultimately improving the quality and size of your crop. However, if you're using them with tap water, you may not be getting the very best from them. Tap water contains chlorine and chloramine, which are added to help control the spread of diseases and parasites and make it safe to drink. Unfortunately, these substances don't discriminate between positive and negative microorganisms, killing off or inhibiting the beneficial bacteria you've introduced, drastically reducing its effectiveness.

Water filters are a good solution, removing chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and volatile organic compounds from your water – a solution that we highly recommend. However, they're not cheap, leading many growers to leaving water to stand overnight. This allows chlorine to evaporate from the solution, but doesn't remove the other harmful elements from the water. Both of these methods are much better for plant health than using water straight out the tap, but neither remove chloramine, which has the same negative affects on organics as chlorine. Reverse Osmosis will remove chloramine as well but they cost even more and ideally cal-mag nneds to be added back afterwards to rebalance the mineral balance.


Ecothrive's Neutralise breaks down both chlorine and chloramine quickly and easily (it's also very reasonably priced). Adding a single drop's worth for each litre of nutrient solution will prime regular tap water for organic growing instantly, allowing you to get the very best from your base nutrient and additives.


The best thing about Neutralise is that it's incredibly easy to use –  just add a drop for every litre of water and stir vigorously. Do this before adding in your boosters or base nutrients, and before adjusting the pH. One drop is equal to 1/20th of a ml. If you're treating large volumes of nutrient solution, you'll need to use 1ml for every 20 litres of solution.

It's that simple. Neutralise comes in either a handy 50ml dropper bottle or a 250ml bottle for those larger scale growers. If you'd like to learn more about using Neutralise, check out the product listing, pop in store or give us a call.

Until next time, happy growing

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