Aeroponic Systems

Aeroponic Systems work by surrounding you plant's roots with a fine mist of nutrient solution. This achieves incredible oxygenation around the roots. At One Stop Grow Shop we have one of the country’s best selections of high quality Aeroponic system products. Browse the selection today and you too could achieve excellent yields in next to no time!

About Aeroponics

Roots thrive best in an oxygen rich environment.  Also, they absorb nutrients and water when the droplet size is very small (in the region of micrometres in diameter). An aeroponics system works by suspending roots in a chamber and surrounding them with a fine mist (or fog) of nutrient solution with a tiny droplet size.

The oxygen saturation in the droplets of water in the fog is at pretty much 100%. This means the roots are healthy and grow like crazy!

Also, because the droplets in the aeroponics grow chamber are tiny, they offer the greatest potential for absorption by the roots. This maximises the possible yields.


Advice for when growing in an aeroponics system

We recommend that you check the system is working properly very regularly because a blockage in the nozzles, or a failed pump, could quickly spell disaster for your plants. We highly recommend that you keep a spare pump handy in case the one you using happens to fail.

Plants are secured in the system by very small net pots either filled with clay pebbles or topped by a neopren collar. The small size of the pots means that if you grow large plants you should give some thought into how to give them support so they are more stable.