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Daisy-Chain Up to 7 SANlight Q-Series Gen 2 LED Grow Lights

Please note - these are for the Gen 2 Sanlight Q-series and will not work with the Gen 1 system

Running separate power cables to multiple SANlights can be messy, requiring lots of cables and sockets. Daisy-chaining allows you to connect up to seven units together, so that they can be run from one socket. A distribution block and extension cable are required for each additional unit that you want to feed power to. Up to 7 Gen 2 Q-Series SANlights can be run off one mains socket.

How the SANlight Extension Cable and Distribution Block Work

The SANlight Q-series Gen 2 LED grow lights are marvellously efficient. If you have a multiple unit setup, normally each grow light will require its own mains power feed. These SANlight extension cables and distribution blocks allow up to 7 SANlight Q-Series Gen 2 units to be daisy-chained together requiring a feed from just one mains outlet socket. This simplifies and tidies the cable installation in a grow space.

Alternatively, an extension cable can be used to provide a longer mains feed from an wall outlet socket.

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1 x Extension Cable or 1 x Power Distribution Block


  • 80cm long extension cable can lengthen mains feed
  • Can be used with a distribution block to daisy chain an extra SANlight from one mains lead
  • Allows up to 7 SANlight Q-Series LED grow lights to be daisy-chained together
  • Quality cables and connectors
  • Reduces the amount of mains cables required
  • Genuine SANlight products

How To Use

How to Use the SANlight Extension Cable and Distribution Block

This process can be repeated to power up to 7 units from one mains outlet.

Alternatively, an extension lead can be used to extend the mains feed to your SANlight unit.

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