Nutriculture Flo-Gro Dripper System


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Nutriculture Flo-Gro 5xx Series Dripper Systems

The Nutriculture Flo-Gro's are compact, high yielding dripper systems renowned for producing large yields. Nutrient is pumped to your plants through a circular dripper ring from the reservoir below via a user set timer. The Flo-Gro is available in 3 sizes, the 500 is ideal for a small single plant set up, the 520 is a larger scale version and the 510 system incorporates 2 dripper rings, for multiple plants.

How the Nutriculture Flo-Gro Kit Works

Nutrient solution is stored in the Bottom Reservoir Tank and your plants root into clay pebbles in a planter which is placed on the top. Periodically, the nutrient-pump is activated and nutrient solution is pumped up out of the reservoir to a dripper-ring above the clay pebbles. The nutrient solution then drips down through the clay pebbles, watering and feeding the plant as it does so. The nutrient solution then drains back down into the Bottom Reservoir Tank ready to be used again. As the nutrient solution drains down through the clay pebbles, it pulls in lots of air into the root-zone providing the plant roots with an oxygen-rich environment.

The Nutriculture Flo-Gro Dripper System includes an access panel on the top of the planter for easy access to the reservoir for nutrient solution changes and maintenance. An emergency overflow pipe near the top of the planter provides an alternative path for the nutrient solution to return to the reservoir by. Should the bottom holes in the planter become blocked for any reason, the nutrient solution will flow down the emergency overflow pipe, preventing a large spillage in your garden.

Preventing Water Damage: Even with a carefully set up hydroponic system, occasionally a seal can fail, a pipe come adrift, or a reservoir can even split, causing a considerable amount of water to be released onto the floor. Plan ahead and plan for the worst. For example, sit your system in a high-sided Run-off or Work Tray, or use our Floor Secure Sheeting on your grow-room floor. It can be fitted so that it rides up each wall by a few inches, creating a “floor-basin” which could help prevent a huge amount of water damage if the worst should ever happen. In this regard it is much better to be safe than sorry!

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1 x Reservoir Tank, 1 x Planter, 1 x Pump, 1 x Delivery System, 1 x Dripper-ring, 1 x Overflow Pipe

Recomended Additional Purchase 

Auto Top-Up Kit with Flexi Tank - automatically tops up your system from a separate Flexi Tank


  • Nutriculture – highly respected manufacturer of Hydroponic Systems
  • Dripper system produces a highly oxygenated root-zone
  • Incredibly fast growth system
  • Uses Clay Pebbles (not included)
  • Add an Air Pump & Airstone to the bottom tank (reservoir) for turbo-charged results!
  • Requires a time switch for timed feedings
  • Tough and strong
  • Easy to use

How To Use

How to Use the Nutriculture Flo-Gro Dripper System

The Nutriculture Flo-Gro Dripper System is great system for growing a single plant. Clay Pebbles are the only medium that we recommend for use with this system as they are completely free-draining. To set the system up, place the bottom reservoir in it’s location in your garden and fill it with water up to the tops of the corner shoulders which act as level-indicators (approximately 17 litres). Make up your nutrient solution according to your normal feeding schedule and mix well. Adjust the pH if necessary.

Fit the overflow pipe into the planter and secure it with the washer and lock-nut by tightening them on from the bottom. Place the planter on top of the Reservoir and drop the delivery pipe through the hole near the reservoir access hole and push it into the pump underneath in the reservoir. The four rubber suction cups on the pump will secure it to the bottom of the reservoir. Fill the Planter to the top with washed clay pebbles (approximately 20 litres) and fit the dripper-ring to the top of the delivery pipe ensuring that the holes are facing downwards. Plants should have plenty of roots showing before being transplanted into the Flo-Gro. Place your plant in the middle of the planter and deep enough down so that the plant roots are completely covered.

Most growers plug their Flo-Gro pump into a segmental timer and begin by giving their plants 3 x 15-minute feeds per day. Generally, your plants will not need any feeds during the dark-period. The number of feeds can be increased to as many 8 per day as the plant grows larger and hungrier. During flowering many growers remove the timer altogether and leave their Flo-Gro pump running continuously. When your Flo-Gro system has been set up as above, plug your programmed timer into the mains, plug the pump into the timer and switch the mains on.

TIP: To further increase plant growth in the Flo-Gro, add an air-pump and put an air-stone in the reservoir tank. The air bubbles increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the nutrient solution and keeps it moving, helping to prevent root-disease.

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