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Maxibright Standard 24Hr Analogue Segmental Timer

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  • Maxibright - Great value grow equipment
  • On/Off times over 24Hr period are easily settable by 15 minute increments
  • Great value-for-money
  • Ideal for controlling pumps, lighting contactor-switches, fans, and CFLs
  • Features a constantly-on override switch

Maxibright Standard 24Hr Analogue Segmental Timer - Trusted by Thousands

Simple and great value-for-money. The Maxibright Standard 24Hr Analogue Segmental Timer is the economical way to time-control your grow equipment from fans and pumps to lighting contactor switches.

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How the Maxibright Timer Works

The Maxibright Standard 24Hr Analogue Segmental Timer will switch mains power many types of electrical devices such as pumps, CFLs, T5 fluorescents and lighting contactor switches. The required on-times are set by the position of tabs around the timer. The correct time is set on the timer by gently turning the time-face so that the arrow points to the correct time. When the Maxibright timer is plugged in, the clock will keep the time and activates a relay to switch electrical power to the socket on the front face according to the programme you have set up. An override switch on the side of the timer allows the user to have the output follow the set programme or to be put into Constantly-ON mode. There is no constantly-OFF override mode on this Maxibright timer.

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1 x Maxibright Standard 24Hr Analogue Segmental Timer with instructions.

Using the Maxibright Timer

The Maxibright Standard 24Hr timer can be used to switch on an electrical device according to a user-set programme of (minimum) 15-minute intervals. The Maxibright timer will repeat the same programme daily until the programme is changed. Set the required “On” times on the timer by moving the appropriate tabs on the timer face from the up (Off-position) to down (On-position). Rotate the timer face clockwise until the current correct time is lined up with the time-indication arrow. Plug the Maxibright timer into a mains outlet and plug the device to be switched into the socket on the front. Set the override switch on the side of the unit to the down (timed-selection) position to switch on your device according to the set programme. To override the timer programme, move the override switch to up position (On). The Maxibright timer will now supply power to your electrical device regardless of the set programme.

The Maxibright Standard 24Hr Analogue Segmental Timer should NOT be used to switch lighting ballasts on and off directly. The high surge currents drawn by such lighting ballasts at switch-on will damage the timer. For the switching of lighting ballasts we very strongly recommend the use of this timer in conjunction with a lighting contactor-switch such as the Powerstar Contactor-Switch.

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