Gold Label 60/40 (60% Clay Pebbles & 40% Coco Mix) - 50 Litre Bag

Gold Label 60/40 (60% Clay Pebbles & 40% Coco Mix) - 50 Litre Bag

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Gold Label  60/40 (60% Clay Pebbles & 40% Coco Mix) 50 Litre

Gold Label  is the end result of over 20 years of continuous product development and listening to customer feedback. 60/40 is a hydroponic medium with a real difference. Try it and be amazed.

  • Highly innovative product resulting from years of research
  • Retains an ideal mixture of water and air for healthy root growth
  • Great drainage – will not clump or become water-logged
  • Made from only the finest materials for reliable quality
  • Contains no nutrient - a suitable coco nutrient must be added from the first watering

Gold Label  60/40 - 50 Litre Contains:

1 x 50 litre bag of Gold Label 60/40

How Gold Label 60/40 Clay Pebbles/Coco Mix Works:

Gold Label contains 60% clay pebbles and 40% coco mix bringing the best of both worlds in one ready-mixed substrate. The excellent drainage properties of clay pebbles and the airy, fibrous texture of coco come together to form an almost ideal hydroponic environment for roots to grow into. A blend of the finest white and black peats are added for nutrient value along with a little perlite for further improved drainage characteristics.

Using Gold Label 60/40 Clay Pebbles/Coco Mix:

Gold Label  has been developed particularly for use in flood and drain or dripper-type hydroponic systems. Gold label can be used straight out of the bag and needs no extra preparation. Simply fill your hydroponic pots with it and place your plants into them. Gold Label contains no nutrient so a suitable coco plant food should be used with this product from the first watering.