Gold Label Special Mix - 45 Litres


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Made with Swedish, Virgin White Peat of the Finest Quality

Gold Label Special Mix is made using Swedish virgin white peat and high quality perlite for maximum aeration and water retention. Gold Label Special Mix is also mixed with Swedish clay, lime, minerals, trace elements and organic fertilizer to make a complete soil mix thats ready straight out of the bag.

Virtually all soil products encourage beneficial microbial activity in the root-zone. This increases yield and root-health. For a really flourishing microherd we highly recommend using Ecothrive Neutralise to avoid the chlorine/chloramine in tap water from inhibiting, or even killing, the friendly microbes, plus a quality beneficial inoculant such as Ecothrive Biosys when growing in soil. For an extra kick, try Ecothrive Charge too! 

How Gold Label Special Mix Works

Gold Label Special Mix is a soil-mix with a real difference. It contains a blend of Swedish virgin white peat which makes it excellent for water retention, as a single gram of Special mix can hold an astonishing 10 grams of water! When mixed with perlite this special peat comes into its own, as the perlite aids aeration of the root zone, allowing for fast, upward growth and promoting a healthy root system to quickly establish.

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  • Specially designed to be light and airy, with added perlite
  • Mixed with Swedish virgin white peat for incredible moisture retention
  • Holds lots of moisture without water-logging
  • Offers great drainage and root-zone aeration
  • Well fertilised for 2-3 weeks worth of growth
  • Contains organic growth stimulants
  • Allows very fast growth and a healthy root system

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