CarboAir 75 Carbon Filter


Size: 14" (355mm/1000mm)
Sale price£468.99

CarboAir - The New Standard in Carbon Filters

CarboAir Carbon Filters are also available in 50mm, 60mm, 65mm, 75mm and 100mm bed depths

The 65mm CarboAir Filters set the bar for extraction, they are built to the exacting standards of Systemair - makers of the ever dependable RVK fans and industry leading Revolution fans. CarboAir utilises coarser, incredibly high quality carbon in thicker beds than competing carbon filters. This gives you optimal contact time to eradicate smells whilst also maintaining unbeatable airflow from your fan.

Check out our blog with Ian Collins, creator of CarboAir for more info. Click here

Airflow rates are a very important part of your grow room set-up and warrant serious consideration. If too much 'drag' is caused by the filter, your extraction system won't work to its full potential: you'll move less air through the grow space, temps will rise and CO2 levels won't be replenished adequately, slowing down the process of photosynthesis and limiting plant growth. Maintaining a solid environment is easily the quickest route to successful growing.

Why Do I Need a Carbon Filter?

The extractor fan in your grow room removes hot, stale air and excess moisture from your grow room, which in turn draws fresh air in, controlling the environment and replacing CO2. If you're growing plants that have strong, unwanted odours, you're going to need to filter this air first before ducting it to an outside point. Your carbon filter attaches to your extractor fan - air gets sucked through an outer layer of mesh and through an internal layer of carbon before passing through your extraction system. It then leaves clean and free of any odours, keeping unwanted smells locked firmly inside the grow space.

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  • Great for large set-ups - handles 6000 cubic metres of air per hour
  • Kills grow room smells stone dead without stifling your fans power
  • Hand built to an incredibly high standard - quality approved by Systemair
  • Pairs perfectly with Revolution fans
  • Machine washable pre-filter sleeve included and pre-fitted
  • Maintain high performance levels at the rated airflows for at least 18 months

How To Use

How to Use CarboAir Filters

Carbon filters must be matched to the fan that they are being used with in terms of the diameter of the venting and the airflow rate. If the airflow rate of the fan is too high for the filter then the air will flow through it too quickly to be cleaned properly.

Before use, the plastic wrap should be removed from around the outside of the drum CarboAir have already pre-fitted your pre-filter.

Your CarboAir Filter needs to mounted inside or as close as possible to your grow-space and connected to your extractor fan by means of ducting and Duct Clips or by a fast clamp which joins the filter and the fan directly together. However they’re fitted together, it’s essential that all joins are airtight for the fan and filter system to work effectively. The outside of the filter should not be covered or obstructed as this will reduce filter's efficiency. Smaller filters and fans are commonly fitted into grow-tents and grow-room by hanging them from hanging bars or ceiling fittings. In this way they do not reduce your amount of floor-space and they remove the warmest air which tends rise. Larger filters may be too large and cumbersome for hanging and can be simply sat on the floor. Once the filter and your fan have been located in your grow-space, ducting can be run from the outlet side of your extractor fan to outside of the grow-space.

CarboAir Filters are designed to be fitted to the intake side of your extractor fan and should never be fitted to the outlet side. In other words air must be sucked through them and never blown out through them. Blowing air through them will make them ineffective and may even damage them internally. The dust-filter around the outside should be removed and washed when it gets dirty in order to maintain air flow.

Moisture degrades the performance of carbon filters. High humidity makes them ineffective at eliminating smells and reduces the expected life-span by a significant amount. Try to keep humidity at a reasonable level (between 40% and 60%) and both your carbon filter and your plants will benefit.

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