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So we’re back with industry legend Ian Collins to talk about some of the new and exciting products he’s bringing to the market. One of the most exciting products is the new GAS humidifiers, can you run through how those work and why it’s important to maintain humidity?

So where do I start? I’ve been looking at how to increase humidity in the grow room for many years. Plants need a certain humidity level to grow efficiently If it's too dry and the plants draw up too much water causing stress. If it's too wet and the plants will stop transpiring or drinking as the water pressure around the plant will be to high. Lights in the grow room dry out the environment and running fans to keep the temperature comfortable also takes out any humidity from the grow room.

The higher the temperature, the more humidity can be evaporated into the air, the lower the temperature, the less humidity can be evaporated into it. We have all seen it when your grow room has water droplets on the walls and leaves, this is because the temperature of the air is lower and water drops out of the air.

The New SonicAir Pro uses a ten-disc ultrasonic bar to turn the water into small particles which is then blown out of the chamber into the room quickly increasing the humidity in the grow room.  The amount of water vapour that the unit disperses is the highest in the industry and can increase your humidity in minutes keeping the humidity constant. The great thing about the new SonicAir Pro is that is also uses smart technology to control the ultrasonic bar and the fan inside the unit forcing all the vapour into the room.

Brilliant, we’ve also done a video with yourself unboxing both of them if people want to check those out above. You’ve also got a new controller out now that works alongside the humidifiers; can you explain a little bit about how it works and some of its features?

The NEW GAS Intelligent Humidity Controller uses VPD technology to control the humidity in your grow room as the temperature increases/decrease keeping the humidity perfect. It also uses something called PID technology to monitor the grow room environment and learns how to react quickly to maintain the humidity when things change.

Used alongside the GAS SonicAir Pro humidifier, it quickly increases your humidity when the temperature increases and turns off when the humidity is too high for the temperature in the grow room, see VPD article for more information.  The GAS Intelligent Humidity Controller is a breakthrough is controlling your humidity, if you keep your humidity within the correct VPD curve, you can see massive yield increases.

It’s an amazing little bit of kit, it’s also available now for those who’re interested in picking one up! So Ian, your new 315 and 355 fans look like they kick out an incredible amount of air, can you give us a quick rundown of those and the setups they’re intended to be used in?

The NEW 315 and 355 Revolution Super Silent Fans are next generation fans using a directional air flow impellers and German EDM EC motors. These fans move huge amounts of air and work fantastic when connected to carbon filters. The 315 12” fan will move nearly 4000 cubic metres enough to cool eight to ten 600-watt lights easily where the 355 14” fan moves 6000 cubic metres enough to cool twelve to fourteen lights. These fans move a serious amount of air.

They sound fantastic. You’re also now selling replacement ozone plates, how does Ozone work and are they easy to replace?

The New AirOzone completely eliminate any Odour from your exhaust air. You need a minimum of 5 metres of ducting after the AirOzone to give the Ozone enough time to mix with the air and destroy any odour, the Ozone turns back to oxygen after 15 minutes and is completely odour less, The Ozone plates can become damaged if they become wet or dirty reducing the Ozone they produce, we have made a simple kit that can be quickly changed if the plates become damaged saving you from having to completely replace the Ozone machine. They'll be available very soon!

Fantastic, you've also just released your new GAS combi ducting, why is it so special?

GAS Combi Ducting is an industrial strength, three ply ducting designed for horticulture. The GAS Combi ducting is another first because of its colour.

Normally, combi ducting is black as it is used in normal industries and is normally hidden away in the roof space. GAS combi ducting is white and is designed for indoor grow rooms. The white out layer reflects light back into the room and keeps your extraction air cooler which is a win win in our opinion.

You have also launched the NEW AC-EC controller which is now available at One Stop, can you give us some details about that?

Yes, we have been collaborating with GSE - a Swedish company who specialise in making controllers for our industry. The New AC-EC controller does what it says on the tin, and will run both AC and EC fans giving the end user the flexibility to use both technologies at the same time. The AC-EC controller is essentially a mini Enviro Controller with a digital screen. The AC-EC controller will control all aspects of your Environment and has day and night setting and will control temperature and humidity in the grow room.

A big thank you to Ian for the excellent knowledge and content as always, if you look to learn more about any of the products seen, pop in store or get in touch via our website.

Happy Growing

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